Rental Property, Comparison Criteria

Rental property is the biggest investment trend right now. Individuals have been convinced by the speed and performance of this type of investment. So that on the market, you have several offers available in the matter.

But beware, the success of your investment does not only depend on the market trend. You should also compare the offers properly and choose the best alternative based on your profile. Back on the points of comparison to have.

What kind of tenant do you want to reach?

The first point of comparison to take into account when choosing your next investment is the target audience. In fact, the ideal placement varies depending on whether you want to rent to companies or families, or even to young people or singles or even a roommate.

For businesses, in particular, visibility is a must. They are more attracted to goods in the foreground and in shopping districts. For families, calm and serenity, but also the security and importance of the various infrastructures on site are of paramount importance. The objective is to ensure the well-being of children in order to ultimately attract children. And of course, for the rest, we focus on the atmosphere of the neighborhood: outings, pubs, restaurants, etc.

The ideal budget according to your profile

Simulation is required to facilitate the search for the ideal placement. Do not make the same mistake as some investors who adapt their budget to their investment. To facilitate procedures with banks and minimize the risk of over-indebtedness, you must go through an estimate of the capital ceiling that you can afford.

The simulation can be done in different ways. An accounting expert in Ixelles can do the calculation based on your income and your expenses already present. You can also request a simulation on dedicated online platforms. The process will be free and will be done in just a few minutes, from any computer.

For information, the simulation will be useful if you plan to finance your rental investment via a mortgage. This will also allow you to check your debt ratio and your repayment capacity, but also to manage debt collection conditions in general to minimize the risks of over-indebtedness.

Take into account the location of the goods

The success of your rental investment also depends on the neighborhood and the location of the real estate products. According to the accounting expert in Saint-Gilles and Ixelles in Belgium, Uccle, or Forest in Belgium, the districts in vogue or to become are the best alternatives on the market. In these areas, the price per m2 can only increase over the years.

Be aware that ideal rental property investments are not found only in Belgium. More and more investors are opting for foreign investments: in France, in the French overseas departments or even in Europe, or even outside the eurozone. Everything is a matter of taste. For the management of these investments, your accounting expert will advise you on the on-site property manager.

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