5 Quick Tips For A Better Concierge Services

In the early days, there were just some five-star hotels and big shops that provided concierge services to their customers. However, as time flew by, more and more businesses started adopting this style of service for the comfort of their clients. Concierges in hotels are renowned for their emotional intelligence, observation, and proactive behavior. They exist only to make a hotel guest’s stay as pleasant as possible, typically by listening to their concerns, giving suggestions, or doing small acts of kindness.

The concierges can provide you with so many options because they benefit from such an extensive familiarity with the locals and their culture. Their services can range from routine requests like dinner reservations to unusual ones like organizing a private aircraft to make up for a missed trip.

Are you thinking of availing of the benefits of concierge services? Wondering how you can get the most out of the concierge? Well, when it comes to such service and hospitality, some tiny yet considerable things can enhance your hotel experience. Read on to know how you can have a successful stay with a better concierge service.

What are the things that make you gain the most from concierge services?

Some visitors see the concierge as a useless intermediary or as a distant second to their helpers. You may lose time, dollars, and energy if you make that mistake because, as a tourist, you do not know much about the place and can spend hours trying to figure things out. Here are few helpful tips that will assist you in getting the most out of your concierge service without much hassle or delay:

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1. Be specific:

With the hundreds of inquiries that concierge services get every day, it’s tough to remember everyone’s preferences. When asking for assistance with a dinner table, shopping, event schedule, or anything else, be sure to tell the concierge precisely what you enjoy and don’t like.

Giving them a range of items you don’t like won’t help them pinpoint the options for you, but telling them what you enjoy can go a long way toward assisting them to fulfill your request. Similarly, tell them what you want to do on holidays, and they’ll recommend the finest locations to do it and related activities. It won’t do them any good if you give them no clue about what is on your mind.

Concierges may need some time to fulfill your request, which is not often easy to accomplish. When making travel arrangements, meeting dates, and other holiday plans, please contact ahead so that they can plan and manage your requirements. It may not be the most incredible idea to call a few hours ahead of your ideal meal reservation.

Insider tip: Concierge services are busiest in the morning or evening. It is the time when they get the most inquiries from corporate customers and vacationers. For further in-depth negotiations of your request, you should contact them between noon and 3 p.m. or after 8 p.m.

2. Make connections and block your place:

Concierges in any reputable place are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but it is frequently helpful to know who is handling your requests. Building connections with people who serve you helps them better customize the service for future orders. It also enables them to understand what to search for when addressing your questions, whether calling beforehand or making inquiries.

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Always call ahead to book your hotel suite, airplane ticket, private aircraft, vehicle, boat, or other travel arrangements. If you need a particular hotel room, car, or other services, contact your concierge the morning of your arrival to confirm your plans, saying that you’d want to pre-assign or block your desired choices. This enables them to go ahead to ensure you receive just the options you choose since hotels, airlines, and other businesses may occasionally force you to take the final ticket, room, or vehicle available.

Insider tip: Thanking people who help you and cultivating a connection with them never hurts.

3. Always ask questions but do not complain:

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance they can acquire it for you. Concierge service companies have the resources and expertise to make your plans come true, from simple hotel stays to a submarine trip under the Island Of Hawaii

The issue is that most tourists and others who are inexperienced with their services think their request is too complex or outside of their jurisdiction. Always remember that your pleasure is the concierge’s ultimate aim and duty; never assume that they won’t fulfill a request. It is possible that a concierge would be unable to fulfill one of your demands because it is impracticable, unlawful, or they merely cannot do it.

4. Listen to your concierge and communicate better:

The average age for concierges in the US is 43 years, which means they know what they are doing. Take some time to listen to their thoughts and ideas for your visit to the hotel rather than shouting instructions and expecting perfect outcomes. Think of your connection as a two-way street, and as a result, you’ll be able to respond to their advice with more humbleness on your part.

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Be realistic and willing to pay the price. Your concierge may have a lot of tricks under their sleeve, but he isn’t a magician. “Sold out” doesn’t always imply “sold out.” Sometimes it means you’ll have to pay a higher price for tickets. You will never be dissatisfied with the result if you know this from the start.

5. Always remember to tip:

While there is no wrong way to the tip, several concierges have said that the gratuity slips into their hands minutes after a client enters the lobby gets the most significant attention. It not only demonstrates genuine admiration for the work and exertion that the concierge will be sure to bestow, but it also promises more recognition.

Other concierges want to be paid towards the conclusion of a stay when they’ve shown their worth. While they claimed that every client gets the same level of care regardless of tip amount, all of the concierges—most of whom are paid on an hourly basis—agreed that gratuities are always appreciated.

In conclusion

Concierge professionals operate around the clock, sometimes sacrificing valuable personal time to meet the needs of their customers. They are committed to assisting you and your needs and will strive to go above and beyond in every request. These tips will not only save you time when engaging with concierge service providers but will also allow them to offer you the most satisfactory service possible.


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