Quick And Easy Quartz Countertop Installation Guide

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen countertop, quartz can be a great pick. Many people choose quartz countertops due to their elegant looks. There is more to these countertops as quartz is heat resistant, stain-proof, and adds a bright texture to your kitchen decor. 

Additionally, its durability and versatile style adds to its popularity as one of the most sought-after countertops for modern kitchens. As for the cost, you can check quartz countertops prices here for affordable rates. Ensure to also research your countertop installation cost and create a budget for your project. 

So if you are ready to commence your quartz countertop installation, the following step-by-step process can help you learn. Let us look into the details: 

Choose The Type of Countertop You Want

Before your quartz countertop installation, be sure to measure out the counter. The counter space measurements can help you assess the size and shape of quartz slabs. Make sure you add in the backsplash and edges if required. 

Next, look for quartz countertops that match your kitchen’s aesthetics and the countertop measurements. These materials come in a variety of designs with beautiful shades and patterns. If this is your first time installing a countertop, you can go with black or white quartz countertops. Given its bright textures, quartz stands out in all shades. 

Evaluate the edges that fit your countertop. Quartz comes in rounded, waterfall, curved, and squared edges. It is always best to purchase slabs that are a few inches larger, so you can cut them down to fit on the countertop. You can use painter’s tape to mark the portions to cut. 

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Finally, evaluate the amount of quartz you need for your kitchen and order accordingly. 

Buy Your Installation Materials

Installing quartz countertops will require durable materials. These can ease up your installation process and make it a safer experience. Before you start working with the countertops, make sure you have the following:

  • Silicone adhesive
  • Circular saw with a diamond blade
  • Ledger’s board
  • Painter’s tape
  • Wooden shims
  • Quartz countertops

Clear Up Your Kitchen Pre-Installation

If you have your quartz slabs and the installation materials, the next step is to prepare your kitchen. 

  • To start, check the flooring and confirm that they are finished and can be worked on. 
  • Up next, remove all cabinets and countertops. By doing so, you can save more time during the installation process. 
  • Complete your electrical line works and the painting process before your quartz countertop installation project. 
  • You can use your level to measure the cabinet line ups. If uneven, use your wooden shims to level them for a perfect base surface for the quartz countertop. 
  • Shut off your water supply right before you begin the installation. 
  • Finally, if you want to paint, stain or seal your cabinets, make sure to do it before the quartz installation. 

Pre-fit The Quartz Slabs

Pre-fitting can help you get an idea if the quartz slabs fit perfectly over your surfaces. Once you receive the slabs, take some help to place them over the cabinets to measure. If they fit perfectly, you are good to go. 

However, if the quartz slabs are uneven over the surface and have bigger gaps in between, you need to use your materials and make some adjustments. Make sure to do these processes beforehand if you have multiple slabs for the cabinets. You can place them side-by-side over the cabinets for a perfect measurement. 


Mark the Excess Quartz and Make Precise Cuts

Trimming a slab is a crucial step if they do not fit perfectly over your cabinets. After your dry-fitting process, prep your materials to mark, trim and cut off excess quartz slab till it aligns with your cabinet. 

  • Start by using a pencil to mark the excess area over the slab. Make a straight line from top to bottom on all sides. 
  • Next, use your circular saw with a diamond blade. Make sure that the blade’s depth is half of the slab’s thickness. 
  • Now move the saw along with the pencil for precise cuts. Hold the slab with your other hand so that there are no uneven cuts. 

When using a diamond cutting tool, it is best to pause every 30 seconds to avoid overheating. Wear proper safety gear and keep yourself safe when using these tools over a quartz slab. If possible, ask for supervision from your friends and family during the process. 

Install Your Sink and Ledgers

The next process is to install your sink and ledgers.

For Sink 

Put away the quartz slabs and secure them in an upright position. Up next, install your sink over the surface. Take some help as it can be heavy to carry. After the sink fits directly in its spot, make sure to install its plumbing. 

For Ledgers

You can fit the quartz slabs directly on top of the cabinets without any cabinet support. However, you can always check if you need overall security. Check and measure the cabinets, and install the ledger boards and screw them in.

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You can also protect the cabinets by putting silicone tape across the edges. By doing so, you can prevent the silicon adhesive from touching the cabinets. Remove the tape only after the adhesive dries out. Do this step before positioning the quartz slabs. 

Install the Silicone Slab Over Your Cabinet

  • You can start by installing the quartz slabs around the kitchen sink. Make sure to take help as these slabs can be heavy. 
  • Apply small beads of silicone adhesive to the surface of the slab. This side should be placed over the cabinet. 
  • While the glue is still active and wet, gently place the quartz countertop over the cabinet and press it down with precaution. 

Make sure it fits perfectly over the surface and is aligned at the edges. If you have multiple slabs, do these steps for each, and install them one by one with care.


It will take one night for the quartz countertop to set over the cabinet. So leave it overnight for the best results. You can now enjoy the dazzling beauty of these quartz countertops over your newly revamped kitchen. 

For the best finish, follow these tips carefully and take experts’ help. Choose the best quality quartz countertops for your home.