Preservative-Free Baby Foods, Now Available in India

Every mom struggles with the need to feed her baby the best, most nutritious and fresh foods, no matter how busy or exhausted she is. And while preservative-free and reliable baby food, which is shelf stable, is available easily abroad, finding them at an affordable price point has definitely been more of a challenge for Indian mums.


Feeling this issue acutely when she had her third child after a gap of two decades, Nadia Sunesra wanted to change this for herself and for moms just like her. She has now come forward with Mother Nurture, a baby food brand that delivers on the promise of nutrition-rich foods for babies in India. Using her own baby food recipes and perfecting them after regular taste tests, she comes forward with 12 brilliant, stage-sensitive baby foods under the Mother Nurture brand umbrella.

These flavours are: A for Apple, Aamchi Aam, Banana Fanana, Sweet Pete, Ayples & Banaynays, Baby King Kong’s Pudding, Bapple berry’s, Fruitalicious, Funny-fruits, Sweet Tooth, and The Staple (Dal Khichdi).

Some important USPs of Mother Nurture’s baby foods are as follows: 

Mother Nurture Products are 100% Preservative Free

All of Mother Nurture’s products are 100% preservative free. Using international-standard food processing equipment, and experienced food production expert/partner Glen Cox from Australia, Mother Nurture manufactures clean label, preservative free foods that are shelf stable.

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Mother Nurture’s food packing process uses technologies similar to the centuries-old canning methods and are designed to keep food fresh for longer periods without the use of chemical additives. These foods are safe to eat for a minimum of 9 months from manufacturing date, and since our food contents are thermally processed, they remain sterile throughout the life of the product. The brand uses specially-designed triple-layer barrier cups to ensure this shelf life is easily achieved. This packaging technology prevents contamination from oxygen and water vapor and thus eliminates the growth of microbes and bacteria, and only locking in the goodness of the natural nutritious foods. 

Mother Nurture Baby Foods contain Real fruits and Vegetables

Mother Nurture baby foods are made using the best fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world. The ingredients are GMO-free and sourced locally as well as from countries like Chile, South Africa and North America. The production process is conscious of retaining the nutrients and healthy fibre from fruits, vegetables and grains such as basmati rice and quinoa. In other words, Mother Nurture is simply about everything you would give to your child yourself, just packaged as a quicker, faster, more convenient product, as opposed to making the same yourself.

Mother Nurture’s Products are Nutrition Fortified

When you read the ingredients label on Mother Nurture’s baby food packets, you may come across seemingly alarming terms that may sound like chemical additives. But they are not. Though it may be hard for concerned mothers to decipher this, a quick Google search itself can show these to be nutritional additives that are good for your child. For example, Mother Nurture often gets questioned on its mysterious ‘Ascorbic Acid’ additive. But ascorbic acid is simply the scientific name for Vitamin C, a very vital micro-nutrient that’s good for your children.

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Mother Nurture’s Products are Shelf-Stable & Hygienically Handled

All of Mother Nurture’s products are FSSAI certified. This means that the brand’s quality control measures are exemplary and that excellence has been maintained right through sourcing decisions, actual manufacturing as well as packaging. Under the Global Food Safety Initiative, even Mother Nurture’s suppliers are carefully vetted to this international standard. Still, should you have any questions, they are always answered from their customer care channels, namely their email address – [email protected]

If you are looking to try some quality baby foods that provide stage-wise nutrition to your growing baby, try Mother Nurture’s baby food range. Available on


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