Pediatric Ophthalmologist – The Best Doctor for Your Child Eye

Children may develop certain eye diseases and disorders from a very early age. This is why parents need to make sure to consult a pediatric eye specialist doctor or visit the best pediatric clinic. There could be some issues in your child’s eye that may go unnoticed. But a thorough check-up would help the doctor understand and detect any such eye diseases or conditions. 

Who Is A Pediatric Eye Doctor?

A pediatric eye specialist is a doctor who treats only child patients. They can screen your child’s eye health at the time of birth and after. 

They receive special training to treat child patients which is why they are the best option for your young one’s eye checkup. Only a pediatric eye doctor will understand the behavioral changes in your child due to eye problems (if any). They can easily recognize if there are any slight signs of a developing eye problem. 

So it is important to see such a doctor once a year. You can book an appointment with an experienced pediatric eye doctor with the help of a reputed eye hospital.

Types Of Conditions Treated By Pediatric Eye Doctor:-

1. Blocked Tear Duct

This is a very common condition in which the tear duct present in the eye gets blocked. This is caused by a membrane inside the tear duct that does not open at the time of birth and the child experiences a blocked tear duct. Most such cases get naturally dissolved within a short period. But in some cases, a minor surgery is needed that opens the membrane. 

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2. Cataracts in Children

A pediatric cataract is a condition that a child may be born with. Some may also develop this condition later as a result of certain diseases or diabetes. When this occurs, the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and has to be removed surgically. Cataract in the eye will lead to poor and blurry vision and only a surgery can treat it. In case, your child has a cataract, contact the best pediatric ophthalmologist in India.

3. Amblyopia

Lazy eye or amblyopia is a condition in which the child’s one of the eyes has less vision than the other one. The weaker eye may look normal, but the function will be less. Such cases should be treated early so that vision can be restored. If left untreated, this can lead to permanent vision loss. The ophthalmologist who is trained for child patients will do a thorough analysis of the lazy eye. They will prescribe medication and other treatments as required.

4. Strabismus

The crossed eyes is a type of condition in which one eye cannot fix at directions and may move in any direction. This condition can be treated by patching or certain medications. 

Signs That Indicate Eye Problems In Children

Some of the common warning signs that may indicate that your child needs to see a pediatric ophthalmologist are:

a). Watery eyes

b). Too frequent rubbing and discomfort

c). Sensitivity to light

d). Redness in the eye

e). Squinting

f). White or yellowing spots in the eye

Who Are At Risk Of Developing Eye Disorders?

Eye issues in children may occur for various reasons. But there are some who are more prone to developing certain eye conditions.

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Premature children may have certain eye issues that they are born with due to early delivery. Such cases must be given immediate medical treatment. At the time of birth, a pediatric ophthalmologist checks the child’s eye to be sure of any disorder or condition that there could be.

Be sure to see a pediatric eye doctor for your child’s eye as soon as you notice any changes or identify any signs of eye issues.

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