New Big Data Degree Program at University of Phoenix Provides Pathway to In-Demand Careers

In 2011, McKinsey predicted that big data would become a business’s most valuable asset, driving new growth and innovation and accelerating major improvements and significant value. They predicted big data would fuel competition and drive both innovation and productivity across all sorts of sectors including healthcare, manufacturing and retail. According to McKinsey, using big data could create value for companies in five key ways: by making information transparent and usable; by creating and storing accurate performance information on all aspects of a business; by allowing companies to tailor products and services to narrow consumer segments; by improving a company’s decision-making ability; and by improving the development of the next generation of products and services.

Across the board, their predictions came to pass. Today, nearly every decision happening in a business is being driven by data, and data is collected and analyzed not only to determine a company’s performance but to help leadership predict how it will perform in the future.

As data has taken center stage in the business world, moving out of IT departments and into every facet of its operations and marketing, the need has risen for qualified data scientists who can capture, organize and interpret data in order to make critical business decisions.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science at University of Phoenix Provides Key Job Skills

University of Phoenix, a university dedicated to providing the degree programs and skills students need to pursue in-demand careers, recently launched a new bachelor’s degree program in data science (BSDS). The degree program is part of the College of Business and Information Technology at the University. Like all of its degree programs, which are carefully designed to ensure students develop the most sought-after skills in their industry, the data science degree gives students the fundamental skills needed to pursue a career in data science. Students can learn how to mine and model data, various data programming languages, techniques in data visualization and how to use data to tell stories. 

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With this degree program, they can use a company’s big data, including structured and unstructured data sets, to recognize patterns in a company’s performance, spot trends and play a key role in helping the business strategize for the future. “Data science offers enormous implications for business outcomes and the success rate of an organization’s strategic plans,” says Kevin Wilhelmsen, Ph.D., dean of the College of Business and Information Technology at the University. “The BSDS program is intended to provide data science knowledge and skills that empower management to make better business decisions and direct actions based on trends. It focuses on building a professional’s ability to data storytell and address implications for business strategy and solutions.”

What to Expect in the Bachelor of Science in Data Science Degree Program

Students in the BSDS degree program will take 19 core courses that can provide them with the fundamentals they need to embark on a career in data science. These include courses in data programming languages including Python, advanced spreadsheet applications, SQL, analyzing and mining data, data communication and visualization for business, machine learning and predictive modeling. Along with these core courses, students will take an additional 12 general education courses that provide an educational foundation for all of the University of Phoenix’s undergraduate degree programs such as everyday economics and finances, human nutrition, English composition and quantitative reasoning. There are also nine elective courses that allow students to specialize in their degree including courses in enterprise business intelligence, business strategy, agile data analytics and product ownership analysis.

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Like all University of Phoenix degree programs, the courses are 100 percent online and can be taken any time, 24 hours a day, when it works best for each student’s busy schedule. The University’s students have additional support to pursue their careers in data science by taking advantage of the Career Services for Life® commitment to active students and graduates. This includes resources to support career preparation including resume and interview support, career guidance, education around specific industries and networking opportunities.

About University of Phoenix

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