Mobile Signal booster Buying Guide

When your smartphone reception is less than satisfactory, you can certainly aim for a better response. A substantial part of our everyday life is carried out online or on the telephone. And there’s no robust and weak link. That is precisely why people use a cell phone signal booster to improve the internet and restore call efficiency.

But it can be challenging to pick the best signal booster for your needs, so before you make your final decision, you have to take great care of other specifics. And the deployment process is often susceptible to complexities. We must do so, though, before we do, to ensure that you grasp how these apps operate, you have the most reliable communication. It helps to pick the one that best suits you and enhances your results. 

How Signal boosters work?

There are three elements of all types of cell signal boosters. They have an external antenna that captures signals from the cell tower and passes it through a coaxial cable to the amplifier. As the amp absorbs the message, it enhances and improves the transmitted signal, then moves it with the same form of wire to the internal antenna. The indoor antenna then transmits the powerful message to a specific location, and here it is! The latest sign you get from your telephone is going to surf the web in your head.

Now the booster is called, whether it’s a multi-band unit, to work on a specific frequency (represented as MHz). In fact, for their Call, 3 G, and 4G / LTE networks, different providers can use various rates. And make sure it is approved for the attachment form that you want to update before you buy a booster. Let’s take a closer look, though, as this aspect is essential.

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Make sure that the Product follows your requirements:-

Boosters are configured to respond to a specific frequency, as we stated earlier. There is still a common issue with 4 G communication. Some mobile providers are 4G / LTE and operate on a slightly different frequency, not the same as 3G/4G. And make sure that you search before you order. Then a 3G signal amplifier will still accommodate the 4 G, but not 4G / LTE. If you talk about the 4G mobile signal booster, then I would say booster/amplifier/repeater for 4G LTE cell phone signals may also improve 3 G signals. Often backward-compatible with previous mobile networks, all cell signal boosters are made. If you are puzzled and cannot figure out which alternative is better, please contact the dealer to ask all your questions. If you need a booster for your business location, please ensure that there is a broadband system covering all major providers of all link forms. It would help you more than improving a single service.

Let us go ahead and explore what else you can do to ensure that your booster performs best.

Measure your home or business place before setting up your system

You must show where your signal points are the lowest and highest. You will accurately locate the booster to get the strongest signal as a result. So let’s do a small step-by-step.

1. Give your house (or any place you want) a little map and make sure that all the rooms have been included.

2. You will locate the best and weakest signal spots with your smartphone. Write * 3001#12345 # * and click “Call” if you have an iPhone. Ignore the Settings-On Phone status signal intensity direction when it’s an Android.

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3. This shows a negative number on the screen (which in decibels is signal strength). You can see the number change as you walk around the building.

4. A perfect indication is a magnitude from -90 to 0. Remember missing the signal as the number falls to -120.

5. Find the strongest signal in the house after the number. On the map, mark it. Print it. That’s where your external antenna is required. (Out of the bed, or on the roof)

6. Find and mark the weakest point of the signal. It is the safest position (on the ceiling or the wall) for installing the indoor antenna.

This helps to properly position the booster and select the perfect cable length, which we will discuss below:-

a). Set the right antenna in the correct manner

 The booster package includes an outdoor antenna and an internal antenna. As stated earlier. The external antenna will either be lateral or all-way. The omnidirectional antenna is designed to transmit signals from either direction, as you might infer from the term. Yet there is always an annoyance.

Whereas in an environment where the external signal is steady and reliable, it is entirely suitable to use. It does not function well in a field where the external signal is low and fluctuating. But if you do have issues with the ambient message, be aware that you do not have an all-way antenna. Go towards the next cell tower and point to it. Note, that the omnidirectional antenna is still working, but is almost as effective as the directional.

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b). Antenna separation

There is a general thumb principle that antennas both outside and inside, must not be more than 50 feet apart. The optimal length is 20 ft. This 20-50 ft range means that the signal is transmitted accurately. You may want to consider a solution if you believe like you don’t get the most of your system.

c). Cable length and quality

That point is more missed than you realize, but remembering is crucial. Shorter cables are the same as excellent! No variations, always and everywhere. It emphasizes the importance of cartography. You should identify the right places to position both the external and the inner antenna so that the cable length would not be a concern because you have mapped the region early on.

The consistency of the cable is, therefore, very critical. Don’t be careful about cable quality because before it can reach you, it will lose a lot of signals. Don’t roll the excess wire; make sure that the length is right and that you are vigilant about consistency.


These are the key aspects you will remember to ensure that your signal booster gets the most out. If more detail is needed, or something does not work, please contact the supplier and get additional advice on your Product.


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