Microsoft Teams Calling Using Direct Routing: How Does It Simplify Your Business Communication

Many companies use Microsoft Teams to connect and coordinate today. It’s communication where workers can collaborate on tasks and exchange ideas. Besides, it’s a way and a one-stop Office 365 hub for chat, audio, and video calls, and more.

If you’re thinking of using Microsoft Teams, you’ve options. It’s either the Microsoft calling plans or Direct Routing with different advantages. Indeed, you have the option of using Direct Routing at the highest level.

Suppose you’re one of the companies that want to have unified communications networks. In that case, Microsoft Teams calling using direct routing is the best for your option. You’re on the right track to remodeling into modern technology for communication.

What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is beneficial for various reasons. As such, including allowing workers to connect their current phone numbers. And allowing businesses to take advantage of lower service costs from phone carriers.

It stands out as the best choice for companies who want to take advantage of Microsoft Teams’. It is also referred to as a series of tools that control the connection. It’s between your on-premise SIP trunk or PSTN solution and the Microsoft Phone System.

How to combine Teams System to PSTN

A Microsoft Teams client usually asks, how does Direct Routing work? So, this is your guide.

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A Direct Routing connects the Teams device to the PSTN by using two main components. This is enabling the platform to work. Here are the two, as such:

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are a core part for linking any PBX to the PSTN and a credible option when using a managed device. Aside from that, it is the technology that allows you to build and change with one or more parties over an IP network.

Session Border Controller (SBC)

This is often referred to as a firewall for VoIP. Such devices at the intersections of various networks ensure that they can send all data. For example, it can move data from Microsoft Phone System to the PSTN network. A Phone System is a Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

The border is when Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing connects to the PSTN network in an MS Team application. Outgoing calls must be routed to regional carriers, and contact points need to route to the appropriate Teams recipient in Session Border Controllers.

4 Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for Business Communication

In a variety of ways, Teams direct Routing can improve efficiency on business. When opposed to working with Microsoft, the users are reporting better support. Thus, greater flexibility and access to enhanced features are there, which are a plus.

1.     Cost-efficiency

Every company would like to get a calling platform at a low cost. Direct Routing is becoming the preferred method using the Microsoft Phone System.

Besides, it helps Microsoft Teams users make and receive calls. This is without a Microsoft Calling Plan in Microsoft Teams, known by individuals. In which way, it cuts the company’s expenses.

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2.     Quick to set up and migrate

Direct Routing is convenient and efficient. This is even if you’re utilizing Microsoft Teams or upgrading a phone system.

But, most providers manage the service from start to finish. Thus, ensuring a smooth and well-supported migration.

Aside from that, you have full control over your telephony provider. In which you can port your current phone numbers and provision new numbers in minutes. It’s easy to schedule and conduct a migration if you use Direct Routing.

3.     Availability

Once you pick a platform, you want to take advantage of the coverage and availability. Yet, Direct Routing gives you a wider option on its availability.

Direct Routing requires you to buy only the phone system licensing from Microsoft. Linking teams to Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN is a lower cost.

Thus, improved service and a larger list of locations Direct Routing can offer. It helps you connect with the international community using Microsoft Teams. With complete PSTN replacement in over more countries.

4.     Monitoring and analysis effectiveness

Among all benefits this can offer, such a solution will make it easier to track call quality. And it ensures that you’re providing a consistent level of service.

It’s easier to view in-depth reports and details. It’s because the SBC for Direct Routing is between your SIP trunk provider, PSTN, and others. Also, by using media bypass, the solution increases the call’s quality.

Why most businesses using Direct Routing for remote working

The virus we are facing right now has forced millions of companies and workers to operate from home. In line with that, Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams will allow individuals to have an effective remote working method. This includes connectivity and collaboration tools and systems.

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Many businesses believe this. Yet, to get the full benefits of a modern integrated framework, they must agree to rebuild their entire structure.

Besides, Microsoft Teams allows businesses worldwide to create better communication with everyone. This is from landlines and mobile phones, which is helpful in today’s pandemic aside from skype for business and other audio conferencing.


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