RV Rental


Congratulations! You have just listed your RV for rent — now it’s time to think about who your main target audience will be and how you can tailor your listing to suit their liking. This helps to ensure that your listing stands out amongst the crowd, garnering you more bookings and a higher profit. 

Of all the target audiences for RV renters, couples are one of the biggest demographics available. Many couples go for romantic road trips on a whim and often search for an rv rental by owner near them before setting off.. Hence, by ensuring that your listing is geographically specific and appealing to couples, you stand a better chance of being a profitable RV rental business. 

Read on for a list of curated tips we have to make your RV listing couple-friendly! 

1. Take as many photos of your RV as possible, from every angle you can think of 

By having good pictures, your listing is already more successful than those that are just plain text, or listings with grainy pictures that are unclear. The difference between a good and a bad photo is often the lighting and the framing of the photo. A good photo shows the RV in a well-lit environment in nature, or at a campsite or event where it will likely be used. Be sure to show the full RV, and even include photos of the interior. While good photographs used to require the use of DSLRs, fancy lighting equipment, and more, most iPhones nowadays will do the trick, enjoying the same specifications as an entry-level DSLR.

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The cover image of your listing should always show the exterior of the RV, preferably in a setting where the RV will be used. This is what attracts people to view your listing, so be sure to put in the effort here. If you want to stand out, consider decorating your RV for the shoot. Perhaps deck it out in proposal-themed decor with rose petals, or with a Happy Anniversary sign suited for couples going on a celebratory trip

If you are entirely new to photography, be sure to follow these tips we have: 

a). Wider angle photos look better 

This means taking a step back or using the wide-angle mode or lens for your phone or camera. Be sure to fit the whole RV in the photo. 

b). Take a horizontal photo over a vertical one 

Horizontal photos show off your RV more. Plus, they are more compatible with most platforms unless you are making a post about your rental on Instagram or Facebook mobile. 

c). Consider renting a drone 

Taking the photo from a drone allows for a bird’s eye view of your RV. This makes for a unique picture that most other RV rental listings will not have.

d). Lighting is key 

Take your photos in an area that is well-lit by natural light. Do your photography on a sunny day, rather than on a day where it is overcast and gloomy. When taking photos of the interior, don’t use the flash on the camera as that makes the images look creepy due to the artificial lighting. 

e). Spruce up the RV 

Before the photo-taking, be sure to spruce up your RV. Add a jar of flowers on the table, or have the beds made. Be sure to hide all the cleaning materials out of sight before the photo is taken though! 

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More is always better when it comes to photo-taking, especially after all the effort you’ve been through to stage the look. Take as many photos as possible, then shortlist the best few for your listing. 

The remainder of the photos could then be used when you want to refresh your listing, or just as a backup in case customers ask for more photos from various angles before committing to a booking. 

2. Consider offering extra services at the rental price 

While all RVs have their unique selling points, stand out amongst the crowd by throwing in some extra services for the same price. This makes your rental special, and customers will also feel more valued. 

Most, if not all couples renting RVs are looking for some quiet time in nature or may want to explore the outdoors. This means they are likely to look out for RVs that come with or can accommodate equipment such as bicycles, fishing poles, or camping chairs. 

Rather than providing bicycles which can be costly, consider adding a bicycle rack so that customers can bring their bikes. Perhaps consider tying up with a bike rental company in your vicinity to offer a discount for customers who rent your RV and who also wish to rent a bicycle. 

Other amenities to consider would be hiking poles, kayaks, or even fishing poles with baits. You could even charge a small fee for these more premium amenities!

The other option to take when considering amenities would be creature comforts. Most couples would enjoy a lazy evening with a glass of wine in hand after a busy day filled with outdoor activities. Consider including some cheap wine glasses and a bottle of wine in the RV. You could also include pillows and fluffy rugs for them to cuddle on.

Lastly, consider having some outdoor games such as frisbee or badminton so that even a lazy couple can get some outdoor fun with friends made at the RV park or campsite! 

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3. Consider allowing furry friends into the RV

Many couples nowadays have pets instead of children, and it pains them not to be able to travel with their furkid. To increase your customer base, consider allowing furkids into your RV. While it may seem like a lot of cleanup work to be done, it could greatly enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your RV rental listing, leading to increased bookings and a higher profit. 

Couple-friendly RV

You can always charge a security deposit and a cleaning fee if you are afraid of the furkid making a mess and causing your RV to be damaged. Alternatively, you could also make a note to state that only furkids of a certain size or breed will be allowed. This should help you ensure that your RV stays in pristine condition. 

Be sure to mention in your RV rental title and listing that you offer a pet-friendly RV rental since this is something unique not offered by all RV rentals. 


Couples are usually a demographic that offers you great profitability and are unlikely to cause damage to your RV. Each year, many couples look to renting RVs for their trips, leading to increased demand for RV rentals catering to couples. Now that you’ve read all our tips, you too can appeal to this demographic of renters!