health issues men face

In today’s generation, every man has some health issues. It is very hard to find a man without any health issues or who is healthy. Due to bad habits, untimed routines, and lack of sleep, men are facing many major health issues right now, which can affect the human body and lead it to worse conditions. Some health issues can be solved by the conception of medicine, and some of them need regular exercise and timely maintenance to be solved. Here is some of the major health issues men face now in their regular lives.


Stroke is one of the most common and major issues in recent days. It can lead a man to death. Generally, stroke is caused by high pressure and low pressure. Also, if your blood sugar level is too high or too low, it can cause a stroke. Thousands of people die every day due to this health issue. The majority of strokes are caused by an unhealthy diet. But you can give a sudden stroke by knowing the symptoms. These are some stroke symptoms.


  1. Feeling of weakness in the arms or legs, particularly on one side of the body (left or right).
  2. Difficulties speaking properly
  3. Difficulties in seeing through one or both eyes
  4. feeling dizzy. Although consumption of Cenforce 200 mg and Super P Force according to the recommendation from Doctors can cure the dizziness.
  5. incapable of walking


 Diabetes is also one of the most common health issues for men in recent days. Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar levels. It happens due to the unhygienic consumption of food. Diabetes is a very major disease. Once this issue has grown in your body, there is no way you can prevent this. But you can control this by taking some medicine. You have to take medicine until your last breath to control it, and also you have to control your diet to maintain the sugar level in your body. Your body will feel weak and tired but by consuming Fildena 100 mg you can keep yourself active during Diabetes. There are also some symptoms of this issue. If you can realize that this health issue is growing in your body, you can prevent this from growing up. These are some symptoms of diabetes.

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  • Your mouth will always be dry.
  • Your vision through your eyes will not be clear; it will be blurred.
  • Having more faith
  • Feeling hungrier after eating
  • Feeling weak and tired every time
  • Feeling frequent vomiting.

Heart Disease:

Heart disease is one of the most serious problems that men have faced in recent years. Heart disease can cause heart blockage or heart attack. This disease can cause death. In recent days, consumption of fast food and unhygienic foods has been growing significantly. Consumption of unhygienic foods will increase the cholesterol in our bodies, which can make our hearts unhealthy and can cause heart disease. You can keep yourself healthy by taking a pill of Vidalista 20 mg Tadalafil daily. Here are some symptoms to prevent heart disease.


  1. Ceiling pain in the chest area
  2. Frequently vomiting
  3. It is difficult to breed properly.
  4. Feeling dizziness
  5. Feeling Uncomfortable in the upper body and the neck.


This disease is a common disease among men. It can be caused either genetically or by adopting bad habits and unhygienic foods.

Genetically: due to some genetic issues, this problem is passed down generation by generation. There is nothing you can do in this scenario. example-lung cancer, blood cancer, etc.

Adopting bad habits due to unhygienic food and bad habits like consumption of tobacco or alcohol—can cause cancer. Heavy consumption of tobacco or alcohol starts affecting the lungs and liver and slowly makes it worse. In the last stage, there is nothing to do. You cannot prevent the issue, but you can recognize it in the first stage. Here are some symptoms in the first stage:

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  1. Continuous coughing
  2. Changing skin texture
  3. Changing the skin texture inside the mouth.
  4. Continuous weight loss.

Some Pollution related health issues:

There are also some health issues caused by the weather and the climate of the place. Pollution is one of the major reasons for health issues. Due to this, some health issues are experienced by men. Some of the health issues are

Asthma: occurs due to the pollution in the air and it affects our lungs.

Skin rashes: by riding a bike or car for a long time, you can develop this issue. Pollution in the air causes a reaction in our skin, resulting in skin rashes.

Cough and cold: Staying in the heat or outdoors and then suddenly drinking cold water can cause problems like this. This is a serious problem and can lead to pneumonia disease.