Live Football Streaming TV Not Working: What To Do?

Have you ever felt annoyed when your live football streaming TV app takes a long time to load? Or the app can’t start even though your phone has no internet problems?

Don’t let these annoying issues interrupt your watching live football truc tiep bong da. Keep reading to find out the heart of why live football streaming TV is not working and what to do to fix it!

What Causes My Live Football Streaming TV App Not To Work?

1. It can’t be downloaded or updated

App Store or Google Play Store says: you can’t download the live football streaming TV app? How can it be like that? 

We can say that there are four main reasons behind the live football streaming TV app not working.

First, the app you’re looking for may not be available on your app store. Many apps only exist in versions for Android or iOS. Moreover, even if it is on the app store but not in your region, you cannot download it.

The second cause is due to the storage capacity of the device you are using. If your phone or tablet has too little space left, you still can’t download the application.

The third thing is that the operating system on your device is too outdated. Many applications need your operating system to be updated to a specific new version to use it. 

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The final cause for Live Football Streaming TV not being able to download is the internet connection. If your home’s Wifi/LAN network is too weak or your device is not accessing the internet, downloading the application will not be possible. 

2. It takes a long time to download

Live Football Streaming TV loading issue happens due to two primary problems. Either your internet connection is problematic, or the size of the app is too large.

On the internet connection problem, we mentioned it above. Just a small note: you must pay attention when using a Wifi network or so-called WLAN. This network is weaker compared to LAN, even though it still shows full reception.

The second problem is the size of the application. If the app you are looking for is too big, it can take hours to download or update. And don’t even try to download an app while still working on other applications. The process will be even slower as you must share the internet bandwidth among many applications simultaneously.

3. It doesn’t start working

You are probably facing the same problem as the other two cases. The Live Football Streaming TV app will not work if your device does not have a stable internet connection.

Besides, your phone or tablet may not allow the app to start because of storage issues. Any device needs caches to run applications. If there is no space left for caches, your app will not be able to launch. In the case of use, they will also be very laggy. You may experience exiting the application without warning.

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Ways To Fix

1. Check your internet connection

Live Football Streaming TV not working is primarily due to internet connection. To fix it, you must first check whether your phone or tablet is connected to the internet or not.

If you are connecting to a LAN/WLAN network, see if the connection is working correctly. You can use SpeedTest or similar apps to do the job. In case the internet is too weak, you can find another more substantial internet source to access.

If you are using mobile data, make sure you have enough data left to download, update and start Live Football Streaming TV. You should use 4G or 5G for the most stable connection. And remember not to turn on restricting mobile data when downloading the app!

2. Get your device ready

Make sure your device’s operating system has been updated to the latest adaptive version. After the update is complete, some devices will be at risk of lag or errors. In that case, restart your phone or tablet for everything to settle down.

Besides, make sure your device has enough space to download the Live Football Streaming TV app. Remember to check if the app exists on the App Store or Google Play Store. In many cases, the app will be restricted by region. You can use the tricks to change the area to download. 

If you’ve already changed the app store region and the app is still unavailable on the app store, my condolences! You can find another device with a different operating system and try again.

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3. Check your server status

If the above two methods do not help you, the problem could lie with the server. In case of server maintenance, overload, and other unexpected issues, the download or update of live football streaming TV will also be interrupted.

To resolve this situation, you can check the server’s status. How to do it? It’s kind of relatively easy, as you can find on Google. For your information, the server on the iOS operating system is the iTunes Store, and the Google Play Store will be for Android.

4. Clear Cache, Cookies, and data on the Google Play Store

This trick only applies to devices with the Android operating system. This way, the live football streaming TV application will be restarted entirely. App problems can also be resolved satisfactorily.

Just go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> View all apps. Then, you select Google Play Store, select Memory Empty Cache, and then select Clear Data.

However, this will affect other applications on the device, so be careful!

If you are in the habit of watching live football for free at sites like, there are times when your access is also blocked. The fix is to use an alternative address,, that the website provides.

Final Words

Have you understood the reason behind live football streaming TV not working? We have compiled for you the leading causes of this error. At the same time, some ways to deal with that situation are also listed above.

Hope this article will help your football streaming go more smoothly. If you know a solution that works, don’t hesitate to share it with us!


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