List of Salesforce training institutes in Bangalore

Salesforce is a potent tool that helps businesses take their CRM game to a whole new level and outperform their competitors. But the vast array of features and constant updates of the software can make it pretty tricky for a business to master all the benefits of Salesforce and use them most efficiently. That is why Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers are among the most demanded professionals in the modern job market in India.

A proper and relevant Salesforce training will open you a door towards one of the most prosperous career paths. And the fact that more than 150,000 companies are actively using Salesforce and therefore need qualified and certified Salesforce Admins and Developers guarantees you stable employment and financial independence as long as you become a fully trained and certified Salesforce professional.

Today there are hundreds of different Salesforce training courses both offline, located in Bangalore, and online. Therefore, it may be pretty hard to choose the one that would be the best one for you.

In this article, we shall go over the top 10 Salesforce training programs available in Bangalore, talk about their benefits and specifics, so you can make an informed decision and make your first steps towards one of the most prosperous careers.

CRS Info Solutions

This Salesforce training institute is one of the pioneers on the market. CRS instructors on Salesforce have more than 10+ years of experience and have released numerous Salesforce Administrators and Salesforce Developers who now work successfully for the leading companies worldwide.

Today CRS Info Solutions Salesforce training is available for aspirants located in Bangalore.

The course lasts between 2 and 3 months, depending on the chosen module and your previous background in the profession.

The training program contains 3 modules:

  • Salesforce Admin;
  • Salesforce Developer;
  • Lighting Web Components.

CRS Info Solutions` Salesforce training has several distinctive features:

  • Comprehensive curriculum – aspirants get access to more than 170 hours of content dedicated to fundamental Salesforce professions as well as bonus topics and constantly updated materials;
  • Qualified faculty and expert speakers – your trainers will be Salesforce MVPs as well as experts with over 15 years of experience in working for the world’s leading software companies;
  • Hands-on experience and real-time training – CRS Info Solutions constantly update their content and training courses to provide you with the most relevant skills and knowledge;
  • Preparation for Salesforce Certification and Salesforce Interview – with their extensive learning materials, Q&A sessions and quizzes, CRS Info Solutions prepare their aspirants for the Salesforce Certification Exams, which give them a significant advantage over competitors in the job market. Moreover, the course includes thorough preparation for the Salesforce Interview, a particular module that consists of the most relevant questions and answers that would allow new Salesforce experts to demonstrate their skills most efficiently.
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Another Salesforce training program available in Bangalore with more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of released Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers.

Throughout your study, you will fulfill two projects meant to provide you with a general understanding of the nature and principles of Salesforce and its dynamics within the chosen profession.

This training program is also focused on the aspirants` getting the Salesforce Certification. They also guarantee to help their students help in the preparation of the resume.

However, there is no detailed information on whether they provide any special training for the Salesforce Interview itself. Since this aspect of Salesforce training is crucial, we strongly recommend asking about preparation for the Salesforce Interview before signing up for the course.


Fita is a Salesforce training institute in Bangalore, primarily focused on their aspirants obtaining the international Salesforce Certification. According to the claims on their website, about 72% of their students eventually apply for the Salesforce Certification.

Throughout your Salesforce training in Fita, you will get access to content from the academy’s Mentors. One of Fita’s main advantages is that it provides flexible online training, which you can adjust according to your current schedule.

During your training, you get an opportunity to participate in a real-time project meant to provide you with essential hands-on experience in Salesforce and increase your chances to get hired.

Besant Technologies

This Salesforce Institution has 10+ branches in Bangalore for classroom training. They point out that although anyone is welcome to take the course, the program is mainly meant for those who already have a background and professional experience in Software Administration and related professions.

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Besant Technologies provide a 3-month Salesforce training and guarantee personal attention and mentoring for each student. The aspirants of Besant Technologies get real-time assignments and hands-on experience from companies located particularly in Bangalore.

Capital Info Solutions

This program offers online as well as classroom training available in Bangalore. They also arrange weekend a Fastrack batches on the aspirants’ demand.

Their training, which can last from 20 hours to 8 weeks, contains Salesforce CRM, Developer, Integration, and Lightning modules. 

This program mainly focuses on aspirants` getting fundamental knowledge about Salesforce or evaluation for those who already work as business analysts, software developers, and administrators. Although they claim to assist in Salesforce Certification, there is no clear information on their platform about particular preparation for the Salesforce Certification Exam or Salesforce Interview questionnaire.

SDLC Training

This Salesforce training program in Bangalore claims to prepare skilled job-oriented Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers. They primarily emphasize building practices and interview skills among their aspirants, which is meant to increase their chances of getting a Salesforce job in Bangalore right after graduation.

However, even though Salesforce Certification becomes mandatory for the Salesforce Admins and developers today, there is no information about any preparation for this crucial exam on their website.


One of the main distinguishing features of this Salesforce training course in Bangalore is its lifetime access to the study materials. It is designed mainly for working professionals and students with a background in software development and business administration.

Having an extensive theoretical module on Salesforce Administration and Salesforce development, it also provides real-time assignments. Although you don’t get thorough training for the Salesforce Interview, the mentors guarantee to examine your resume and provide comprehensive feedback.

Croma Campus

Another Salesforce training institution in Bangalore has recently revised its modules and introduced preparation for the Salesforce Certification to the training program.

Here you can choose between Salesforce training programs that last 40-60 days, 8 weekends, or subscribe for an intensive 7-day Fastrack.

Croma Campus claims to cooperate with companies in Bangalore and all over India, which provide them with real-time assignments for their students and job opportunities for aspirants who fulfill the training and Salesforce Certification.

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Elegant IT Services

This Salesforce training program is also available for Bangalore aspirants. They have online as well as offline classroom training formats for your convenience.

Here you can get comprehensive knowledge about Salesforce its Architecture, Fundamentals, Features, Concepts & Components from Certified experts and prepare for the Salesforce Certification itself. The hands-on experience from actual companies located in Bangalore and all over India is another feature that will help you get a job in Salesforce after fulfilling the training. However, there is no information, whether the institution itself provides any support of mentoring for their aspirants when they get down to applying for jobs.


Last but not least in our overview, ACTE is a Salesforce training institution in Bangalore that provides courses available to aspirants with little experience up to those who seep an upgrade of their knowledge of Salesforce.

Here you will get 40+ hours of hands-on training over 20 practical assignment and 24/7 support from qualified Salesforce experts.


It is essential to choose a proper Salesforce training institution to start your career in this prosperous field successfully. A good training program will not only provide you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge. Still, it will also include practical assignments from actual companies as well as mentoring that will help you apply for your first Salesforce position and get the job.

With Salesforce Certification becoming mandatory for Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Admins, ensure that your training institution includes sufficient information about it, provides you with relevant exam Q&A and lets you get International Salesforce Certification.

Doing your research about Salesforce training in Bangalore, make sure to consider all the crucial features enlisted above and make an informed decision that will take you towards professional and financial fulfillment provided by Salesforce today.

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