Is it ethical to spy on WhatsApp?

Usually, it is not the best idea to spy on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a social networking website that connects people through text messages, voice calls, voice messages, and video calls. People these days are using WhatsApp all over the world to connect one and another. But in case of minors or any work relative importance, the WhatsApp spy will work. There are a lot of tracking and spying applications that let you spy on the children to control their activities online. When we talk about monitoring and tracking the activities of the minors, you must have a robust application for that. People these days may not have time to control and monitor the activities of their kids. But this software and apps work best.

What features should the WhatsApp spying and tracking application have?

Below we are mentioning some of the features that every spying and tracking application should have.

a). Remote accessing

Well, when you are trying to track the information of WhatsApp of a targeted user, you cannot use the target device. You need to have remote access to the application and the target device to check all the data and information. So, you need to find an app that provides you remote access that leads you to use the control panel for tracking the activities on WhatsApp.

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b). Screen recording feature

Most of the time, when you do not want to check the conversations, you will need to have the screen recording features. The screen recording feature will not only capture the images and the screen, but it will also help you with the evident proof of the conversations and other activities on the mobile phone.

c). Exact timestamp tracking

You need to find an application that provides an exact timestamp if you want to know the precise timestamp and other information related to the messages and the conversation on WhatsApp. This time Stamping feature will provide you with necessary information about the time, information about the contact, and the scope of the discussion. It will help you better for tracking and monitoring.

d). Contacts monitoring

You need to get the spying application that provides the exact contact details as well. Without the contact information, there is nothing that you can do about the conversations. So, you need to find an application that provides you with all the contact details.

e). Tracking media files

TheOneSpy monitoring application should also be capable of providing you with all the information regarding the files shared or received. It should also allow and give access to multimedia files, voice messages, photos, and videos. The media files will help you in better spying and tracking actions.

f). Accessibility

When you are trying to use the spying application, you need to make sure that it is capable of both Android and IOS. This will provide you with the liberty of cracking the WhatsApp of a targeted user on android and IOS.

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g). Tracking the conversations

One of the significant parts of the spying application should be to track the conversation. You can use the tracking and spying application to check the conversation threads and all the other information shared through the messages on WhatsApp.

Which spying and tracking application comes with all the above features?

If you are looking for a relevant Spying and tracking application that helps you control and track all the information, the TOS application is a perfect match. It will not only provide you with all the relevant information but also help you to spy and track on other apps.

There are many other applications available that you can use for tracking purposes. However, make sure the apps come with the relevant features to track and spy on the WhatsApp Messenger.


While you may think that spy on WhatsApp Messenger can be unethical, but you need to know that saving your kids and other people from the social and online predators is essential. Therefore, spy on WhatsApp is relevant. You can check out the features that are important in the spying and tracking application. Pick the appropriate application for the tracking purpose according to your needs and requirements.


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