fake leather jacket

The inside lining of the fake leather jacket needs the same level of cleaning and washing because it affects more than the outer part. The lining commonly comes in viscose, polyester, and silk fabrics, absorbing heavy sweating and body odors, especially in winters when taking a bath frequently is not an easy task. Therefore, it also requires cleaning, like the other clothing items.

Take a look at the below steps which are equally applicable for all types of leather jacket lining:

Procedure to follow while washing the inside lining:

The easiest way to wash your inner lining of fake leather is to use a soapy sponge with water and wash the affected area from upwards to downwards. You can also use the cleaning spray, easily available in the market.  When it seems the cleaning is finished, you need to use one tbsp vinegar and three parts of water with the same direction of applying. Finally, you can use a towel or soft cloth to remove excess water and leave the jacket to dry.

Like leather cleaning, you can also take the help of baking soda for cleaning the inner lining. Sprinkle it on the layer and use little warm water with a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning.  After 15-20 mins, you can clear the inner surface with a damp cloth. Let it dry for a couple of hours; you will feel there is no odor at all.

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Another tip to get rid of the odor is simply to hang your leather jacket in the fresh air for a day; it will help disappear the smell. But do not hang in the sunlight; it will also quickly damage your fake leather, as it is prepared with artificial materials.

We always suggest checking a hidden area before applying any liquid to your jacket—an excellent detergent with less chemical formal work for most fabrics, so well-advised for jacket lining.

Where stains and deep cleaning is required, like, underarms, collar and cuff, you can repeat the application and rub it gently.

Rinse your sponge or cloth finely and use plain water for final cleaning. Repeat the action 2/3 times for deep cleaning, especially in the affected areas or where the stains are found.

Finally, your jacket lining is clean now; hang it on a wooden hanger and leave it to dry naturally. Again, keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight; preferably, room temperature is the best.

Washing through the machine for a lining of fake leather jacket:

Machine wash is a doable cleaning procedure, for inside and outside layers of fake leather. For this activity, you can use laundry bags available in the market and make for specifically cleaning leather items as suitable to provide maximum protection. Use normal water with a light detergent (do not use heavy chemical detergents) for both layers of the jacket. Coldwater and a pre-soak setting of the machine are ideal. Keeping the position of the exterior layer inside during the washing time will be helpful to protect the external layer from the direct effect of water and chemical.

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Machine Dryer is not recommended:

Putting your jacket in the dryer is never recommended; remove the jacket from the washing machine and lay it flat to dry; keep changing positions, inside and outside, for the hours. After removing all water from the jacket, you can hang it with a sturdy hanger.

Depending on the lining material, the jacket may take one or two days to dry entirely. Still keep changing the positions after every 2/3 hours. A room temperature and ventilated area are ideal for natural drying.

Easy and effective conditioner for the fake leather jacket:

The baby oil and coconut oil application appear like a good conditioner for a fake leather jacket. But let it thoroughly dried. And do not use an excessive amount of oil directly on the leather surface. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and apply a few drops of oil to it; use this procedure for the external layer only. After washing, these oils will work as a conditioner and keep the fake leather supple. It also helps to reduce peeling and wrinkles on the exterior part of the leather jacket. Again, natural air is required for the final step of drying.

However, coconut oil and baby oil are home remedies for your fake leather jacket, available at home. But you can also arrange good quality conditioner from the market. A conditioner is the last step of washing and cleaning, which helps the product shine again and gives it a new life.

Final Thoughts:

As people ask questions about the washing queries of fake leather and the lining. We hope this article will work for your questionaries. We want to give your jacket a new and supple look, because, it is equally important as a real leather jacket.

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