How To Stay Safe While Ridesharing

Ridesharing services have grown in popularity throughout the years. People like using these services because of their convenience. As a result, various ridesharing services have emerged on the market. A few prominent firms dominate this industry, but it’s anticipated to grow even further. 

While these ridesharing services may be convenient, you must not assume they are risk-free. Although rideshare services may be generally safe, you must be vigilant. Things beyond your control can occur, such as getting involved in an accident while riding in a rideshare car. You may need a professional lawyer who will help you to claim damages. In this case, you would have to consult a ride share accident injury lawyer if you are hurt. 

Here are some ways you can stay safe while using rideshare services:

  • Check The Rideshare Driver’s Rating  

You are assigned a driver when you request a trip on a ridesharing app. The first thing you should do is ensure your driver has a good rating. You may verify their rating through the app. 

If you notice a driver’s poor rating, this might be a red flag. You can choose to cancel the trip and look for a new driver. While you may be charged a small fee for canceling your trip, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Ride In The Back Seat 

There may be times when you arrange transportation for more than two persons. In such cases, you may need to occupy the front passenger seat. But when traveling alone, try to ride in the backseat as much as possible.

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Remember that you have a right to safety as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. Thus, make it a habit to always ride in the backseat. It provides privacy and allows you to have more physical distance from the driver.

  • Request For A Ride While Indoors

While you may need to order a rideshare on the go, standing on the side of the street alone for a long time is unsafe. This is especially true if you commute at night. Instead, look for a safe place to request your ride and only exit when it arrives.   

  • Check The Vehicle

This step is crucial. Before going inside, ensure that the vehicle you’re about to enter is the right one. Double-check the license plate, vehicle type and model, and the driver’s identity. All these details should be available through the ridesharing app. Never enter a car with details that don’t match what’s shown on the app.

  • Ask The Driver To Confirm Your Name 

When a driver accepts your request, they’ll also receive a quick overview of your identity. This is done so that they can authenticate your identity as well. For your safety, ask them to confirm your name before getting into the vehicle. After that, you should also verify their name.

  • Always Wear Your Seatbelt

The seatbelt is designed to protect the driver and passengers in a collision or accident. Most states require that you wear a seatbelt regardless of where you’re seated. Even if it isn’t, it’s advisable always to wear your seatbelt, to prevent serious injuries.

  • Share Your Trip

Once your trip has started, make it a habit to share the trip details with a trusted friend or family member. You should ideally share it with someone who can actively monitor the trip’s progress so that they can track you down if anything suspicious occurs.  

  • Protect Personal Data 

Most ridesharing apps have a feature that allows you to text or call the driver directly from the app. To safeguard your privacy, call through the app rather than calling with your phone number. 

  • Listen To Your Gut 

Always follow your instinct when using a ridesharing service. Call an emergency number for assistance if you believe you are in danger. Most rideshare apps also have a button you can use in an emergency. You can also cancel the ride anytime if you feel extremely unsafe.

  • Avoid Paying Cash  

Most ridesharing services allow you to pay through the application. Avoid pulling out your wallet or handbag to pay cash, as it puts you at risk of theft. Pay through credit or debit card instead or other cashless methods.

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Rideshare services are very convenient. However, you must keep your guard up when in a rideshare vehicle. This doesn’t mean you should be apprehensive every time you use ridesharing services, but taking necessary precautions for your safety is advisable.


Originally posted 2023-01-18 19:40:08.