Shed This Summer

So often, a shed is the unsung hero of household storage – packed with stuff that’s too big or dirty for the house, but with only a fraction of the time and attention that goes into maintaining our inside space. However, like any other storage space, you will get more out of your shed if you give it a thorough once-over every so often.

A well-organized and maintained shed can really help you to stay on top of a lot of other jobs, especially if you store tools and gardening equipment in it. There are a few key things that will help you get the most out of your shed.

What Is It Good For?

Sheds can have a variety of functions, so you need to decide what you are going to do with your shed before you can consider doing anything to it. Most sheds are used for heavy-duty storage, but you might also want a workspace or somewhere to hang out when you’re in the garden.

Think about the best way to use the space, what you will need most frequent access to, and how to make it fit your needs. That way, you can identify the best use of the space, ensure that you are incorporating everything you need, and end up with the perfect shed.

Think about what you go to the shed for most and make sure it’s easy to get to, whether that’s tools, gardening gear, or sports equipment. Stow larger or lesser used items at the back of the shed so that you aren’t constantly having to move them out of the way.

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Storage Solutions for Every Item

Before you start working on your storage, think about the conditions in your shed and what you will be storing. If you live somewhere that is prone to severe weather, where items in a shed might need to be protected from extremes of temperature or moisture in the air, then your storage needs will be different from anyone with a dry, well-ventilated shed in a temperate area.

In-built shelves can be a great way to make the most of your space, but heavy-duty racking is a strong and sturdy solution that works well in most sheds and has the advantage of offering the flexibility of moving them around. Many people store power tools and gardening equipment in their shed, so you might want to invest in watertight boxes to ensure that they aren’t affected by adverse conditions.

If you want to use the space as a workshop, you can choose storage that you can double up as a workspace. You can also use a sturdy piece of wood balanced on top of other storage units or appliances to make otherwise dead space into a usable place to work.

Be Creative

A shed is a great way to increase your storage space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a design feature in your garden. You can paint it both inside and out to make it look appealing and feel brighter and more spacious – you might want it to blend in with the rest of your garden, but you can just as easily pick bright colors that will turn it into a work of art.

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For sheds that may be used for socializing, a few décor touches are always a nice idea, so consider vinyl flooring or similar to provide some insulation and give your shed a stylish look. If you have a window in your shed a curtain or blind is a nice touch to make it feel more homely. 

Maximize your space by considering using the roof space for storage, especially for long, thin items such as surfboards, camping chairs, or lengths of wood.

With a little planning, you can make your shed into whatever you want it to be. Whether you want an ultra-efficient storage solution, a hangout spot where you can have everything you need to entertain in your backyard, or something else entirely, a well-organized shed has endless potential.