How To Make Your Beloved Dog Shine On Instagram

Thanks to the massive following of Instagram, anyone can become a big star by posting unique yet entertaining content. Surprisingly, dogs are no less in the trend! 

Having a separate Instagram handle for your pup is a sign that you are a proud dog parent. After all, who wouldn’t like to capture the cute smile and fun antiques of furry babies into the camera and share them with the world! However, if you really dream of taking your dog to the heights of Instagram stardom, you need to give it all you’ve got.

Not sure how to make it happen? Don’t worry; we are here to help. From choosing stylish dog accessories and clothing to posting enticing content, we cover all essential tips to help you make your dog shine on Instagram. 

Let’s discuss them in detail!

First Off, Introduce Your Dog Comprehensively

We know that your dog is more like a family member to you. So, to flaunt your love for your pet dog proudly on Instagram, introduce him cutely as your own baby. Include his name, age, breed, story behind his adoption, and everything followers would like to know. Besides, you should also share what inspired you to make an Insta-account of your furry baby. All this information will help followers connect more with your doggo.

Play With Stylish Dog Clothing And Accessories

Do you wish your pawed baby to be the biggest fashion influencer on Instagram? If yes, play with designer dog accessories and fashion clothing.

The hot trending dog attires, including printed hoodies, pullovers, tank tops, pajama shirts, tie shirts, and more, will revamp your dog style statement to OTT. For a female dog, you can invest in a pink-colored tank top or get her a nylon little black dress.

This is not just it! You should also take pleasure in funky dog accessories such as goggles and collar bows to complete the Insta-worthy look. After your furry kid is all set in style, just click a lot of pictures and post them on Instagram to woo followers.

Have Fun!

As it is all about bringing smiles to followers’ faces, there should be nothing serious about your doggo’s Instagram account. Along with regular pictures, you should also post amusing reels and boomerangs to steal all the attention. The best idea is to prop your dog using clothes and accessories bought from an online pet shop in Dubai and get a shot of him at fun places like cafes, pools, and parks. In short, unleash your creativity to get your beloved dog noticed!


All of your efforts in making your dog a social media star will fall in the right place if you will live by following necessary tips side by side –

  • Be consistent with your Insta posts
  • Broaden the use of #hashtags
  • Add compelling captions
  • Be social with Insta community
  • Use awesome apps to take pictures

That’s it! You are now ready to work on making your dog, the biggest new-gen Instagram influencer. Don’t forget to invest in voguish dog clothing and accessories to make followers go wowed over his fashionable clicks. 

Happy Instagram PAWS-TING!