How to Choose a Press Release Service for Small Businesses

Would you like to get instant exposure for your business to increase your sales without breaking the bank? A great way to achieve this is through well-written, informative press releases.

However, there is a catch. You have to ensure your release stands out among the hundreds distributed every day in the US. If you offer your product or service globally, that’s thousands more you have to outshine.

But, of all the sources journalists have access to, 44 percent trust press releases the most. Don’t let the distribution quantity discourage you. Using a press release service is a proven way to get your news and achievements about your company to your audience, despite all the competing information and distractions.

Companies that provide this service can distribute your release using the right channels to reach potential customers. The great thing is, many of them don’t only distribute your release, they can help you write it to ensure it’s effective and stands out. Interested in learning more?

Read on to find out how you can choose the best press release service for your small business.

What’s a Press Release?

A press release is an official statement about a company, its products, or services. Companies send these statements to the media in the hope that they will distribute them to their readers. This allows the company to gain more publicity with the hope that it will lead to more sales.

The press release can include company news, such as a change in leadership, new location, or merger. It can also be information about a product or service launch, added features, or a new service.

A press release format has nine elements including a headline, introduction, body, and additional information such as a company logo and a summary about the company.

The Importance of Press Releases

Press releases are important because they provide an effective way of getting news or information about your company to the public. When distributing press releases you can also choose a specific area or market to receive them. This allows you to reach the right audience.

Here are a few other benefits of using press releases to market your business:

People Learn About Your Company

When someone reads a press release, they don’t only learn particular information about your company, they also find out how they can reach you. Press releases provide brand exposure and provide ways for potential customers to reach you via your website or social media channels.

This is a particularly great marketing channel for new companies to use so their brand and website get immediate exposure. It can help both new and established businesses to gain traction. For new businesses, this is important in getting established and for older businesses, it reinforces their brand and position.

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Press releases provide a win/win situation especially for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets. They are effective and a lot more affordable than other forms of paid advertising.

However, the cost can vary based on the press release service you choose. So ensure you know the placement cost before you make your final decision.

Boost SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential if you want to rank high for Google searches related to your company’s product or service. Despite the over four billion searches on Google every day, press releases can help customers find your company.

It’s one of many SEO tactics you can use to ensure there’s information about your industry, company, product, or service available online.

Increase Foot Traffic

Besides attracting visitors to your website or online store, a press release can also increase the number of people that visit your physical location. This is one way of determining how effective your release is.

That’s why it’s great to send out a press release for a sale or event. Then measure the traffic to your store after distribution. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Improve Sales

In addition to the exposure your brand receives, press releases can help improve your sales. One of the reasons it’s important to use a press release service is to distribute to the niches interested in your product or service.

This improves the chance of increasing sales. It provides a great opportunity to highlight the features of your product or service that they can benefit from. It also means the press release pays for itself if it generates sales to cover its cost and so much more.

What Does a Press Release Service Do?

Using a press release service can help you achieve all of the benefits above, without the hassle. An established press release service can help distribute your releases to the right audience.

This ensures it’s carried in various publications including magazines, newspapers, bulletins, blogs, podcasts, or radio. This allows your company and brand to reach a wider audience.

Writing press releases can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the time or staff with this expertise. There are many press release service companies that provide this service as well. They can also help you choose the best topics for press releases that can positively showcase your company, products, or services.

Why You Should Use a Press Release Service

Press release service companies take the hassle out of writing and distributing press releases for you. Companies such as eReleases, which offer press release writing services, have dedicated editors who work with you to craft an effective press release. The result is a release without errors that is well-written and concise.

They ensure that your:

  • A headline catches the eye of media organizations
  • The release isn’t too long
  • Content is newsworthy
  • Logo and contact information is included

And this is only the beginning. It makes no sense to have a great release that no one sees. A press release service ensures your release reaches the right audience. They can help you:

  • Target the relevant people at the right publications
  • Maximize your exposure
  • Guarantee a high delivery rate
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Ensure that the service you choose can reach your target audience so that you can get a higher return on investment (ROI) for your releases.

How to Choose a Press Release Service

When choosing a press release service there are a few things you should consider. It’s important to know their press release service options upfront. You should find out about this as well as the following when considering a press release service company:


Price is usually a major factor for small businesses due to limited budgets. Any company you choose should be able to give you a definitive cost for their services. Once you know this, weigh it against the benefits they guarantee and see if the ROI is worth it.

Whatever their cost, they should be able to justify it so that you get your money’s worth. Ideally, you should choose a company that is within your budget and that can meet your needs.

Distribution Channels

It’s important for the service you choose to have a wide distribution channel. However, distributing press releases is not only about quantity, it should also be about quality. The company may have a vast network, but your business may not cater to all of them.

They should have a wide enough selection that you can choose which channels are best for the audience you wish to target. It should include media aggregators and outlets, as well as news content organizations. Ideally, choose a company whose distribution network includes quality media outlets in the geographical location of your target audience.

Guarantee of Placement

Many press release service companies have extensive distribution channels. They will probably be able to show you evidence of their ability to successfully place releases in certain publications. However, they need to be able to guarantee that they can do this for your service or product based on the industry you’re in.

This is the only way to ensure your release reaches a wide audience. Their distribution channels should also include a range of other media platforms including media aggregators, news channels, and bloggers.

National Options

You should also think long-term when choosing a press release service. Because of the nature and size of your business, you may only require distribution in a certain region.

However, if you’re thinking big, and the aim is to grow your business, you may eventually need more wide-reaching options. The service should have the option of nationwide outlets or major newswires. These are usually top-tier platforms, so the service you choose must have access to these contacts.

Submission Process

If you choose to write your own releases and only require a distribution service, ensure the company you opt for provides a straightforward, hassle-free submission process. Also, ensure they have great customer support if any issues arise.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about anything after submission as it should be an automated process. They should also be able to provide you with a dashboard where you can review the distribution channels used for your release and its performance.


One of the best ways to find out the effectiveness of a press release service is through the experience of their past and present clients. Any good company would be able to share positive testimonials, references, and reviews from customers with you. Negative reviews are a definite red flag.

Do your research before deciding. You can also check major publications for their press releases. This would be proof that they can accomplish what they say they will.

Additional Features

Everyone likes to get a little more than what they paid for and many press release service companies don’t disappoint in this regard. A good company will offer extended distribution, help to boost your website’s authority, and make the overall process of managing the writing and distribution of your release easier.

They should offer a straightforward billing method and also provide a way, based on your niche, to estimate expected views and engagements. Their method of tracking performance metrics should be comprehensive.

Some other services they may offer include:

Video and Inline Image Embeds – This service allows you to easily embed code into the relevant place on your release. Some companies charge an extra cost for this service, but a good one will offer it as an additional feature.

Video Conversion – Video is a proven way of increasing viewership. Eighty-seven percent of marketers that use video, said it increased traffic to their website while 80 percent reported a direct increase in sales as a result of using video. Conversion of your release into a custom video is a great additional feature that some services offer.

WordPress Plugin – This can help to create unique online signals from your site. It also helps to make the content syndication process easier.

Customized Media Page – Allows the generation and automatic publication of all outlets carrying your release onto your site.

Improved Indexing – The longer your release is published on various sites, the better your ranking on Google Search. Release links are usually maintained for 30 days, but a good press release service can keep your release link live for at least 90 days to improve your visibility.

In addition to reviews, ask about additional features to ensure you get even more for your investment.

Getting Your Business Seen

Many small businesses often sacrifice marketing due to budget constraints. However, because marketing is such an important part of getting your company name out there, it’s essential to find creative and cost-effective ways to market your business.

Press releases provide you with this option. They’re an easy way to get your business known for an affordable price. The key to their success is getting them in front of the right audience.

A press release service can ensure you meet all these requirements. In addition, they provide hassle-free options including well-written releases that they distribute to an extensive network. But you need to ensure you choose the right service for your company.

For additional information on how you can get your business seen, check out the Digital Marketing section of our site.

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