How to Be Ahead of the Grant Seeking Pack

If you heard of a funding opportunity that might be fit for your business or NGO. Among the many funding opportunities that you get to see published throughout the year, you hope to get ahead of this one. However, you need to know where you should start, and start right. To secure government grants funding you need to have the right skill and not only rely on luck. You need to put the effort into it and have all the practices and tips to help you increase your odds of winning like those discussed below.

1. Meet the deadline

Any grant that you see published has a deadline date. To be ahead of all who apply for the one you wish to win you need to be deadline-driven. No matter the type of funder you get, even when the deadline is on a rolling basis. Therefore, once you decide to apply for the grant, know the deadline and mark it on your calendar. Then work to get the application to the funder on time. When you miss a deadline, you will end up missing the opportunity and in most instances, there is no second chance.

2. Figure out locations of previous grantees 

Scout out the geographic locations of where the previous grants were awarded. This will help you have an idea of where future grants may be awarded. For instance, if your organization is located outside the U.S states, and in the list of the previous grantees were within the states. It is possible you do not have a chance of winning the grant award. Even when the guidelines of the grant say that those outside the state are eligible.

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3. Be in tune with politics 

Politics win in good or bad times and can make it possible for your organization to get the grant or not. Thus, know the political factors that aid in getting funding from a funder in your organization. So, at the state and federal levels, contact the representatives, and request they track your application after submitting online it to see the progress at the agency. Also, attend political events to know who the movers and shakers are in your locality.

4. Show them graphics 

Show your funders the graphics by adding some visuals to your grant application. For instance, create a relevant chart or table or a map a type of graphic to emphasize the narrative in that section. Allow those reading your grant to get some diversions. Through using graphics, it provides visuals that show vital information of service numbers, location, and grants received, among others in an appealing format.

5. Focus on your organization’s capabilities 

Every type of funder gives high review points on your organizations’ narratives and capabilities. Therefore, have a yearly boilerplate document that covers your grant management capability and its history. As you do this, maximize on partnerships since funders want to know who you are collaborating with and their role in your organization. It is best to list at least ten partners that collaborate with you in every grant application.

6. Pay attention to funders grant award funding range 

You must know the funding range of your funder so that you do not ask more than what the founders award. Importantly, no funder will consider you for funding if you want more than the funding range that they offer. The best request is to be close to the bottom of the award range as you ask for money for the first time as a funder. Later, you can increase the amount you request but still within the range.

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To conclude, it is important to follow the above tips to be in a better position to win a grant. The competition on winning a grant is always high and you need to find ways that will help you secure the grant award. Additionally, you can find out who they previously funded to see who and where the funders award. Also, you can contact them to get a copy of their grant application to have a guide of your own. Plus, you can ask them to give you tips on how to stay ahead on getting awarded the funds.

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