How Does Content Marketing Help ICO Fundraising Campaigns Succeed

When you read success stories of blockchain-powered ICOs, also consider the fact that many ICOs don’t even reach soft caps. A large number of ICOs fail. People are now more aware of the power and features of blockchain. They know that investment in cryptocurrencies is profitable. However, you cannot achieve your goals without a smart and flexible blockchain marketing strategy. Blockchain for marketing helps in achieving your goals and in addition to promoting your ICO, you also attempt to educate the people you are targeting. When it comes to blockchain for marketing, you have to try different marketing techniques. 

Content marketing is a valuable tool that makes your blockchain marketing strategy more effective. People want complete information in an easy language before making any decision. 

Use content marketing to educate

People have heard of terms like blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and ICOs. However, if you ask them to explain these terms, many of them will not be able to tell even the basic definition of blockchain, cryptocurrency and so on. There are people who want to invest in ICOs but they don’t know how blockchain works. How does an initial coin offering work? What is a digital ledger? How an investment in a cryptocurrency is different from an investment in real estate or any other asset? Educate them before you expect them to invest in your ICO. So, don’t use content marketing just to promote your ICO. Create content that also educates investors. 

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Make them ask questions and provide clear answers. This provides you with an opportunity to establish your authority and thought leadership. Regularly publish blogs, articles, social media posts and email newsletters to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments and happenings in your ICO and the industry. More knowledge about blockchain and ICOs remove uncertainties and make them feel confident at the time of investment. 

Use content marketing to build trust

People hear and read a lot about initial coin offerings that fail to reach even their soft caps. They read about scams and fraudulent projects on a regular basis. This shakes their trust in initial coin offerings and blockchain. Moreover, it is not an old investment option like real estate and shares market. No doubt that there are many malicious actors in the market to take advantage of this new landscape. 

So, you need content marketing to build trust not only in your ICO but also in the industry. Use content marketing to tell your potential investors about your achievements. Let them know about the key figures that have recently joined your team. Work with influencers and opinion leaders. 

Garner support and reach your fundraising goals

Many countries have banned ICOs and cryptocurrencies. These actions by governments send a message that ICOs are not in the best interests of people. No doubt that there are some illegitimate projects. However, there are many legitimate projects as well like yours. Utilize content marketing to destigmatize. Build a brand and prove your project’s merit. 

Get organic press

In addition to traditional media, there are many dedicated publications that cover news related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. People trust these publications. These publications have a reputation. So, they publish content about legitimate projects only. If you produce quality content, you can get your work published in these publications. When established journalists and media agencies write about your ICO, you can get the attention you need to achieve your fundraising goals. However, this is possible only when you write good quality content.

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From promoting your ICO using digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click to publishing in publications, you need good quality content. Invest in content marketing for ICO.

Originally posted 2021-08-10 18:12:56.