Home Design- The Next Frontier

Want to take your home design to the next level?  Professional designers know the difference is all in the details, including those often overlooked spaces like entryways, foyers and mudrooms. Completing your home design means bringing an element of style to these functional areas too! Here’s an in-depth study: Home Decor Trends 2021 Revealed: Top 10 Most Popular Interior Design Trends, published by Floately, this article will introduce you to the latest interior design ideas for your home.

Your entryway should be decluttered and clean which can pose a problem if you have kids and pets in the house. A simple solution is to select an easy to clean vinyl floor mat or indoor mudroom rug/runner as opposed to a traditional rug.  These types of rugs are made to last and wipe clean with a rag and water.

Since entryways and mudrooms are high traffic areas, it is very common to throw down a rug or runner that will stand up to that traffic – something utilitarian, rough, and not stylish or beautiful is often selected from a hardware store. This is a common error because entryways, mudrooms and porches are the first impressions your home gives to visitors. Also more importantly, when you come home, you want a feeling of pride and adoration for your home, which is greatly determined by these places, your foyer and doorways so often used and equally as often not living up to your standards of beauty.  Vinyl floor mats are soft on bare feet and won’t slip or move either!

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With any high traffic area, such as under the kitchen sink, in the front foyer, near the garage door, or in any entryway, vinyl floor mats are ideal. Durable, stain-resistant, and super easy to clean, vinyl floor mats or an indoor/outdoor rug are the perfect solution.  

A pop of colour is always a good idea in these areas, and what better way to bring colour in than on the floor? Blue, green, even pink vinyl indoor rugs add colour without making the design too complicated.

Mudrooms get a major upgrade with a Spanish tile indoor mudroom rug, made of high quality vinyl in crisp white and blue tile pattern that stays vibrant long after a traditional runner or rug would fade or wear out.  Indoor/Outdoor vinyl runners are the best choice for porches, balconies and patios.

Spruce up your foyer or entryway with fresh cut flowers, a seasonal wreath on the door, and a beautiful indoor vinyl floor mat or runner for narrow entryways. Select a high contrast pattern such as black and white diamonds to make a statement.

Runners and rugs for the mudroom/entryway should reflect your personal style and be easy to clean.  Vintage, traditional, classic tile, edgy, or modern styles can all be reflected in your mudroom with an indoor mudroom rug.  The perfect place for muddy kid’s boots, and wet shoes.

Modern Function Home sells stylish and functional Vinyl Floor Mats for indoor and outdoor use.  Our collection of indoor mudroom runners and rugs are timeless, durable, and safe for children and pets. BPA free and chemical-free.

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