Automated Customer Support

No business can drive profits without satisfying customers. However, just delivering the product & service to the consumer is not enough. Today’s enterprises need to think of the after-sale services as customers can come up with issues later on. This boosts the need for AI chatbots. Automated customer support has become a priority for almost every organization to maintain goodwill and not lose potential buyers. This guide will give you a better picture of how this new support is the Future of eCommerce. 

What is a Chatbot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is a program that interacts with customers automatically which works on predefined conditions & events. There are numerous advantages to organizations when implementing an effective chatbot. 

  • Respond to the concerns quickly. 
  • Gather important data to use in the future for giving better service 
  • Can work proactively 
  • Work on different platforms such as SMS, applications, social media, and websites 

Chatbots & Customer Service

Undoubtedly, a customer support chatbot is beneficial to eCommerce businesses. But the way it’s implemented has an enormous impact. What if your chatbot is responding slowly, giving answers which humans cannot understand, or not offering the exact solution to fix the problem. Therefore, you are not making the best use of this advanced technology. So, chatbots & customer service must go closely together as they are connected. 

➤Go with Smart AI Capabilities 

Organizations that go hand-in-hand with the updated technology have high chances of increasing output and delivering maximum customer satisfaction. Similarly, when coming to the chatbots, select the one that can predict the buying behaviour based on past purchase history and even machine learning capabilities. In other words, go with proactive-based customer support. 

➤ Follow Your Customers 

To have the best chatbot for a website, you can proceed with the chat applications which are popular on the web. Moreover, you can support consumers’ issues on social media channels which most of them are already using. 

➤Proceed without Bearing Development Costs

You can now find thousands of chatbots that don’t require any up-front cost. Thus save your money. You can build the strategies and test their effectiveness without paying. It’s a big opportunity to use the right format chatbot. 

➤Ensure to Have a Chatbot with Strong API

Today’s social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more use API, also called Application Programming Interface. The software enables two applications to have a conversation. Similarly, chatbots have an API that allows them to speak to humans using natural language processing. Therefore, customers don’t feel that they are talking to a machine. 

What is the Future of Chatbots? 

A chatbot is not new to the market. It’s been in the industry since the 1960s; however, the awareness has increased for the past few years. Businesses using AI chatbots have seen tremendous growth. One of the Facebook surveys shows that half percentage of buyers say that they will shop from the store which offers customer chat service. 

Generally, consumers have high expectancy from businesses in terms of quality and after-sale support services. Hence, they prefer a good customer support service to make them buy from your brand. 

Chatbots are a core part of the technology and are becoming a staple marketing tool for many eCommerce businesses. 


Originally posted 2022-01-19 09:26:52.