Diabetes is a medical condition wherein the human body fails to manage normal blood sugar levels. There are two basic elements of diabetes management – a proper diet and medicine plan and a healthy lifestyle.

Your diet plan for diabetes should include fruits and vegetables in large proportions. Do not go by the myth to avoid fruits if you have diabetes. Experts and health researchers always suggest a rich fruit diet for people with diabetes, proving the fruits’ efficacy for people with this condition.

Best Fruits for Diabetics

Every fruit has its nutrition profile and exclusive benefits. Not all, but some fruits can help manage blood sugar levels. Here are the best fruits for diabetics:

  • Kiwi

Kiwi or Chinese Gooseberry comes from Taiwan and China. It has an acidic taste and contains good amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Its glycemic index is 50, and its glycemic load is 7.7. If consumed in moderation, it does not cause blood sugar spikes.

Kiwi skin is filled with inositol, a compound that makes the body sensitive to insulin, along with a lot of insoluble fibres. Thus, the fruit is effective in curing diabetes. Since kiwi is low in its calorie content, it aids with weight management, which is an excellent way to control sugar levels.

  • Papaya

With its origin in South Mexico, papaya offers several health benefits for people with diabetes. Its glycemic index is low, and it contains a lot of antioxidants. It is filled with vitamins A, B, C, and E and contains minerals like magnesium, copper, lycopene, and potassium.

The lutein, folate, and pantothenic acid content of papaya make it one of the best fruits for diabetics – if consumed in the right amount.

  • Apple

Coming from Central Asia but accepted universally, the apple is a super fruit for people with diabetes. With a Glycemic Index of 36 and a glycemic load of 6, apples are low in sugar content and thus a healthy fruit for diabetics.

As per doctors, people who have an apple every day have 28% lower chances of suffering from diabetes. The polyphenols in this fruit prevent the damage of beta cells that produce insulin.

The low-calorie content of apple makes it ideal for weight loss.

  • Bananas

One of the best fruits for diabetics, bananas have a high fibre content that slows the digestion and absorption of carbs, thereby improving diabetic conditions. The dietary fibre in bananas also modulates the release of certain stomach hormones and enhances insulin sensitivity.

  • Oranges

Oranges are the most loved fruit from the citrus family and are rich in nutrients. With high nutrient and fibre content and a glycemic load of 51 and GI of 31, oranges are safe for diabetics.

Is Banana Good for Diabetes?

Most of the general dietary guidelines on diabetes recommend following a balanced and healthy diet that includes a lot of fruits. That’s because vegetables and fruits are linked to improved health and reduced risk of cancers and heart diseases.

So, is banana good for diabetes? Though bananas are rich in carbs, they also have a lot of fibre, which is good for bringing down blood sugar levels. You can easily control the number of carbohydrates you consume by choosing a smaller banana, about 6 inches, over a larger one. While the former gives you only 23.07 gm of carbs, the latter gives you about 35 gm of carbs. 

Bananas offer vitamin B6, fibre, vitamin C, and potassium and contain beneficial plant compounds and antioxidants. Diabetic neuropathy, linked to vitamin B6 deficiency, can easily be warded off by consuming bananas because of their rich vitamin B6 content. 

Bananas also contain good quantities of resistant starch to help people with diabetes improve insulin sensitivity. Under-ripe bananas have a low GI score of 42 and are thus considered safe for diabetics. Similarly, people with diabetes can consume raw or unripe bananas as they have a low glycemic index of 55 and have significantly less sugar, which controls the sugar spike in the blood. 

The ripeness of a banana determines its effect on blood sugar. The sugar and starch content of fully ripe or yellow bananas are higher, which can increase the blood sugar faster if you eat them every day. 

So, is banana good for diabetics? We hope we were able to answer this question for you.


A lot of people with diabetes stay away from fruits because they fear that fruits might result in an increase in blood sugar levels and thus not help with diabetes. However, the opposite is true, especially if you are consuming fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, etc., in moderation. Fruits must be a part of your diet but only when you pay attention to portion control which is 15 grams per serving. Remember, good nutrition is a major diabetes management tool. A customised meal plan can help diabetics with their carb intake, while medicines can help control blood sugar levels.