Creating a Disney-Themed Gaming Room for Adults

Are you in the early stages of creating a games room for adults in your house? Do you want a designated space where you can enjoy all your favorite games that is both comfortable and well-equipped with everything you’ll need? Now think about how you plan to pull the elements together and ensure it flows from a design standpoint. Choosing a theme is usually the best tip, and if you’re a fan of all things Disney then it is a natural and fun one to pick.

Here are some of the tips and steps you can use for creating a Disney-themed gaming room for adults.

Pick a Movie or Character to Focus On

Because Disney is such a massive company, it’s a good idea to narrow down what aspect of Disney you want to focus on. This will ensure the room doesn’t look too busy or feel disjointed. You can pick a particular Disney movie or series of movies or focus on your favorite characters.

Choose the Color Palette

Whatever movie or character you choose can then prompt the color palette in the room. Because it’s a games room, you can feel free to pick a bold, bright, or deep color. It’s not meant to feel like every other space in the house, so don’t worry about flow.

Wall Art and Décor Will Be Essential

At its core, a Disney-themed games room should be anchored in fun and whimsy and a great way to hammer home the theme is with wall art and décor. This means a selection of framed prints and photos, movie posters, statues and figurines, memorabilia you may have collected over the years, and any other fun element that ties to Disney. Check login/begin.

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What Games Will You Be Playing?

Because the games room will need to have specific gaming equipment and gear, you’ll need to identify what games you’ll be playing. If you like console games, then a big-screen TV, the gaming console, and likely a sound system need to be included in the design. If you prefer online gaming such as casino games, then you may want a PC set up at a comfortable desk along with an ergonomic chair. 

Desktop computers allow you to play PC-based games, browser-based games such as the best real money online casinos, and even apps (depending on the computer and platform). To tie it into the theme, you can always add Disney touches to the desk such as cute figurines or even a themed desk lamp.

Don’t Forget the Extra Touches

Finally, don’t forget the extra touches that will make your games room pop. That includes such elements as a small bar fridge for drinks, a classic-looking popcorn maker, a sound system that can play all your favorite Disney songs, and, of course, a huge collection of Disney movies.

The Ultimate Gaming Space for Disney Fans

All of these tips will help you to conceptualize a Disney-themed games room that will feel unique, creative, and fun to spend time in.