Raspberry Pi

Digital technology is revolutionising the way we live. From smart tech taking over our homes to the super computers we carry around in our pockets, technology has pervaded every corner of our lives.

As the digital age continues to flourish, many people are beginning to build their own computers. With computer starter kits such as the Raspberry Pi now easily accessible, we look at how they can be used for the greater good.

If you are looking for an environmentally focused computer project to work on, our comprehensive list has you covered.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer. It easily connects to a computer monitor and standard keyboard and mouse.

Raspberry Pi’s are often used in schools to teach young children how to code and are one of the easiest computer systems to learn computing and programming on.

Environmental projects you can make with a Raspberry Pi

There are many projects you could do with the Raspberry Pi that have a positive environmental impact. Below, we have listed a few:

Solar-powered Pi

Hooking your Raspberry Pi up to a computer controlled solar panel is a great way to make your new computer more environmentally friendly.

This particular project doesn’t even require any coding, making it a really simple project to get you started on your environmental technology journey.

Wild animal tracker

You can use a Raspberry Pi to create a live tracking station to count the number of wild animals that pass through your garden or local woodland (although you might need permission to do so on public property).

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It can also be coded to track endangered species like nesting turtles in Australia and Costa Rica.

Air monitor

University of Westminster students created a pollution monitoring system using a Raspberry Pi in 2013. They even launched the software on an open-source platform to help others do the same.

Using code, you can set a Raspberry Pi to monitor changes to the air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure and more. Making it a good choice to create a weather station as well.

Flood monitor

As flooding has become more frequent in the UK over the last decade, a flood monitor could help you to protect your home and valuables from flood. 

Creating a computerised flood monitor that alerts you about flood risk can help you to reduce the damage and keep your family safe.