Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Maternity Bra

Generally, it is not recommended to wear the ordinary underwired bras post-pregnancy. During this stage, a mother’s body experiences several changes from breastfeeding, weight gain, emotional changes, and several other factors. Besides nutrition, a mother needs to take care of her innerwear, whether it suits the new body changes or not. In simple words, that is the time to replace the old stock of bras with new maternity full coverage push up bras. 

As said earlier, lactating mothers need to choose a supportive and well-fitting nursing bra for absolute comfort, preparing them for their breastfeeding journey. But commonly, most of the mothers make many mistakes while selecting a nursing bra. Below we have listed them, and we hope that our breakdown will help you to avoid all these mistakes. 

Wrong Size

A considerable percentage of women wear the wrong bra size. It is generally recommended to get a full coverage maternity bra in a perfect fit. Because an incorrect size will not merely support you and may result in ligament damage or long term sagging. If you are buying online, then don’t forget to check the size guide that is usually present along with the product. 

Comprising Quality Over Price

Invest in cotton sleep bras that are made with high-quality trims and fabrics. The elastic band should be soft enough, and the shoulder straps should have clips that allow easy nursing. Remember, a good quality maternity bra will always have multiple layers or 4-way stretch fabric, and should feel okay to touch. Try buying it from a premium postpartum brand that offers the most exquisite range of post-pregnancy apparel. After all, purchasing quality means that you will feel comfortable and supportive for a longer time. 

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Right Style

Not all bras are going to suit every woman because everyone’s body is different, especially when it comes to the breasts’ area. You may find a wide variety online, and that might confuse you to choose the correct style. But in actuality, the most feasible option is having a full coverage push up bra that comes with no wire, has a clip down feature, and is perfect to wear at both day and night. You can also look for maternity bras that quickly adapt to your body changes while providing your maximum support and secure fit. 

Choosing a Too-small Cup Size

Another common mistake that women make is when they choose a too-small size for them, which eventually doesn’t fit their breast cups. The thumb rule is to for a size that nimbly covers the side tissues and avoids spills, awkward lumps, and bumps.

Not Considering the Back Band

Let us tell you that the back band is the element that covers 80% of the bra support. Whenever you are buying a push-up bra, you need to ensure that the back band fits firmly and parallel across the back. It should not be too tight or too loose. 

Wearing the Same Bra

A right cotton sleeping bra will typically last for 6-8 months. And with multiple washes and heavy wear, it begins to lose its elasticity, or either the fabric loses its supporting ability. Certainly, it is better to buy at least 4-6 pieces of the same size. Otherwise, wearing a bra that is not supportive enough will only and only result in discomfort or sagging. 

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Look for Compression Grade

Your breasts are going to feel sensitive during this time. So, better buy bras that come with compression and support your breasts evenly. It will also deliver a flattering appeal. 

Say No to Synthetic Fabrics

Last but not least, look for a full coverage maternity bra made with 100% cotton or at least has a cotton gusset lining and slings. Now, why does this make much difference? Because cotton fabric not only delivers a comfortable feel but also keeps you fresh for a longer time. Whereas, the synthetic material doesn’t allow the skin to breathe well and sometimes causes excessive sweating and irritation. 



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