The online casino industry has changed a lot in recent years, as new technology has made online gambling more accessible than ever. Millions of people all over the world now sign up to play at online casinos, enjoying the vast collections of games and fast payments. As technology has improved, games have become better and online casinos have become more exciting. 

One of the biggest developments in recent years has been the introduction of live casino games. While most casino games use computer graphics and random number generators, live games are as close to the real thing as you can get without going to a land-based casino. Instead of playing a game, playing live casino games is more similar to playing for real. You can now access a live casino online on your phone, making casino gaming even more accessible. 

In a short space of time, live casinos games have become one of the most popular ways to play casino games online. Most major gambling sites now offer a collection of live games, and in some cases, these outnumber regular table games. This technology has had a major impact on the iGaming industry, leading to new developments and trends. 

What Are Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are gambling games that are played with a real dealer. Typically, online casino games would use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each bet, and the game would be displayed using computer graphics. These games are fun, but they’re missing something that makes them more realistic.

With live games, players can join a table and play against a real dealer. The dealer is live-streamed from a casino studio to the player’s device and uses real cards, dice and other items to determine the game. This way, it works exactly like playing at a land-based casino. The only difference is that the game can be played anywhere. 

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Developments to the iGaming Industry Thanks to Live Casinos

Since live games were first introduced in 1998, they’ve changed a lot. Back then, there were a lot of technological limitations, meaning the experience wasn’t high quality. Over the years, technology has improved a lot, giving high-definition streams that don’t lag or stutter. This means that live casino games are better than ever, and they’ve quickly become very popular. 

The popularity of live casino games has affected other areas of the iGaming industry, changing the way games are made. Today, more resources than ever are being used to produce new live games, as these are seen as the future of the industry. Originally, Evolution Gaming was one of the only live game developers, but other developers have now followed suit.

Live games have now been optimised for mobile play, meaning players can enjoy them on their phones and tablets. As 5G connections become more common, players will be able to play their favourite live games wherever they go without worrying about their WiFi connection.

The latest live games are being developed to be even more immersive, making use of virtual reality technology (VR). Although VR still has a long way to go before mainstream acceptance, more game developers are starting to experiment with it. The future of live casino gaming could be fully virtual casinos where players can meet their friends and play at real tables. 

As technology continues to improve and become more accessible, there’s little doubt that the iGaming industry will be affected. Live games look set to become more popular than ever, especially if combined with new and improving software. The best online casinos already offer a wide selection of live games, but these could soon become the default option for players, especially as more variety in games is developed.

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