Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai Talk About CRS Score

Canada is a pre-eminent destination for many people around the world. Every year, citizens of the Middle East are migrating to Canada through various yet authorized options. Moreover, the country is much liberal on its migration policies and is extremely transparent. The express entry system is designed for the fast analysis of candidates’ migration profiles. Here, you can take assistance from Canada immigration consultants in Dubai as they are helping candidates to apply for the most appropriate skill to settle in Canada quickly. They will guide you to have a better CRS score for not facing rejection. 

What is CRS Score? 

CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System, which is based on Canada’s migration terms. Candidates need to make sure that they have a more excellent CRS score to get approval for migrating to the country permanently. There are different immigration programs that hold minimum CRS scores, which applicants need to crack. The Federal economic immigration programs are divided which the applicant can apply such as: 

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program 

3. Canadian Experience Class

A General View of Canada Express Entry 

a). Prospective applicants need to create express entry profiles and provide information such as skill sets, educational qualifications and work experience. 

b). The best immigration consultants in the UAE recommend registering with Canada Job Bank to make the profile strong and receive the invitation fastly.

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c). All the profiles are correctly verified and accordingly issue an invite to the prospective applicants.

d). Once approved, the selected candidates can apply for permanent residency through the respective economic immigration programs (which are mentioned above). 

Learn How to Improve Your CRS Score 

It is better to closely work with a licensed immigration consultant as they are well aware of rejection reasons and know how to improve applicants’ CRS scores. They can also assist you with how to use Canada PR points calculator. Until you try your best to increase your score, you may not be awarded potential points. Now, let’s see some of the best ways to strengthen the CRS score: 

➤Pay Attention to Your Language abilities: 

Do you know language alone can bring you up to 290 C.R.S points? For instance, if you applied for a Federal Skilled Worker, the minimum of a Canada Language Benchmark (C.L.B) of 7 is required. High CRS points can be obtained by enhancing your proficiency in the English or French language.


Education surely matters as it leads up to a maximum of 230 CRS points. So, if you’re serious about migrating, then meanwhile, finish the degree, which boosts your CRS score. Consult the professionals as they can help you to know which degree or diploma can make your profile strong. 

➤Primary Applicant

It has often been observed that the prospective applicant’s CRS score is weak or lesser than that of their accompanying spouse. In such events, make the accompanying spouse the primary applicant. 

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➤Work Experience 

Undoubtedly, applicants with high work experience can bring up to high CRS points. Also, the applicants with valid job offers (ensure job offer is from Canada) can attain supplement points that impact the overall CRS score. 

Don’t feel disheartened if your CRS score is not meeting the Canada express entry requirements. You should know your weak areas and improve to apply with a strong profile. Make sure Canada is the only country that is supporting international migrants to have a better living here. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t be casual about the Comprehensive Ranking System, as it’s the only way to settle in Canada. Expert help can always be an ideal option to have the right guidance and develop a strong immigration profile. Meanwhile, work on the areas talked above that are crucial to gain a CRS score.

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