Can a business survive without marketing?

Before the advent of technology that aids in marketing in today’s time, word of mouth was the only known source that could help in attracting customers. In today’s landscape, the scenario is entirely different. There are a plethora of marketing strategies and ways that can help draw customer attention towards your product or service. But many businesses usually tend to overlook the importance of marketing.

You need to know that without a proper marketing strategy, it is really difficult for a business to strive. Just think of a situation when you have opened a store with the best designer products and feasible rates, but what if you cannot make sales out of it? Unless people are aware of your store, it may be tough for you to search for customers. Thus there arises the need to spread the word about your business which is only possible when you have proper marketing strategies in place. Marketing is vital for every business.

Reasons why marketing is vital for business

Now that you know about the role of marketing for a business to thrive, let’s take a look at why marketing is essential for both small-scale and large-scale businesses:

To avoid replacement

These days with the market flaring up, a customer has a plethora of choices to choose a product or service. Until and unless you run a monopoly business wherein only you are providing a particular type of product or service, a customer can prefer giving a business opportunity to any other firm or company without experiencing any compulsion. And, if you fail to grab your customer’s attention or develop a brand relationship, soon your competitors can snatch your customers and add them to their list.

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Hence, it is imperative that you give importance to marketing because it helps you to prevent replacement and projects your business in front of your customer’s eyes now and again so that they can come back to you when they plan to shop the next time.

Develops a trust factor

To understand this point, let’s ask you a question. If you wish to buy a soap bar, which product will you buy? Would you buy a soap that has an excellent online presence and that you are aware of, or will you buy a soap that you have never heard of? Most of you reading this probably must have picked the first option, right? This is what marketing does precisely. It develops a trust factor in the eyes of the customers.

A brand that is marketed well or has engaging content, or even if it is promoted over social media, is more prone to be sold in comparison to a brand that is hardly promoted. Marketing a product gives a reason to people to buy your products even if you have just made an entry into the market.

It generates new customers

This comes as a no-brainer because marketing can help reap new customers. Even if you have an effective sales strategy but do not have proper marketing goals, it can prove to be a setback because you are prone to miss on the potential customers in the absence of marketing. In the first place, you need to pitch your product or service in front of your customers. 

May it be cold emails, billboard advertisements, social media promotions, or any type of marketing, you should essentially implement such marketing strategies to get more prospects coming your way.

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To know your customers

When you market your products and services, you also gain an understanding of your target audience and their expectations from your business. This way, you get to discover ways that can draw customers towards your business and invest in things that can prove to be useful rather than wasting your money on unnecessary and unwanted resources.


We hope now you have gained a clear understanding of why marketing is important for your business. We understand that marketing your brand might not be easy but to engage your customers; you need to consider marketing strategies because it helps in the upbringing of a company. For more effective marketing, you can also enroll yourself in sales and marketing certification courses to learn the basics of promoting your business.