Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is an awesome way to formally celebrate the bride-to-be. In addition to the fact that it is one of the major pre-wedding events where loved ones from the two sides will meet one another, it’s also loaded up with fun decorations, gifts, snacks and games—and it’s the ideal time to get ridiculously fancy! From picking up the right location to picking a theme and many more things, here’s actually how to design and plan a bridal shower:

Settle on a Budget

Before grabbing a menu or picking the main theme, the initial step of the party preparation is settling on a fixed spending budget  The host generally pays for the shower and keeping in mind that your first impulsive reaction might be to go on full mode and spoil the girlfriend, we recommend picking the amount that you can undoubtedly manage first without burning through every last penny. We guarantee she’ll be happy regardless of how much money you spend.

Mark your Calendar

We recommend beginning to plan the party something like 4 to 5 months before the main day, and not less than four months out. The bridal shower should happen around two months before the wedding—check with the bride before you settle the date to assure that it works for her timetable and fits her relatives too. 

Make a Guest List

After you’ve chosen the time and date, the next stage when arranging the party is the who. Request the bride of the hour to list down important friends and family members, just as the addresses for every one of them. The final count ought to be somewhere in the range of 30 and 50 close people, based on where you think you’ll have the gathering. Simply remember one thing: anyone who is welcome to the pre-wedding party ought to be welcome to the wedding—that means kids too—so confirm with the bride before you add them to the final guest list. 

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Pick a Nice Place

Whenever you’ve settled the date and have a rough guest list, you should then choose where you need the bridal shower to happen. Given the situation that you have sufficient room to have the pre-wedding party at your home, that is the most accepted choice. If not, consider the home of a nearby relative or a friend. You can likewise have the party at a nice café, a banquet room, or anywhere that the bride would love to go, it could be an art gallery or even a spa. 

Pick a Fun Theme

Whenever you’ve wrapped up gathering the addresses and the finalized list of guests has been accepted by the bride-to-be, it’s an ideal shot to pick the theme for the bridal shower. While having a thematic party is not a necessity for a bridal shower, it tends to be an excellent way of adding some character to the party with food choices, invitations and fun decorations.  Incorporating a favorite color into your bridal decorations is a fantastic way to personalize the event. For the color yellow, consider including decorations like transport signs with marriage-related messaging or even a cheerful inflatable sun. As custom-built inflatables are flexible to be shaped in the size and colors you want, they can fill any amount of space, making them perfect for any bridal shower venue. Making creative use of color for decorations is not only eye-catching and stylish but also memorable for anyone in attendance.

Plan the Menu

After you’ve given out the invitations and the RSVPs begin coming in, you can start dealing with the food arrangements for the party. Our suggestions for arranging the menu is to stick to food varieties that you know the bride will love, and choose easily served foods. Woofys will provide catering options for you to choose from. 

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Make a Playlist

While music isn’t the main focus here, having a little music playing in the background would be nice while the guests chat and enjoy refreshments. Therefore take out some time to make a list of mood-lifting songs.