Juzo Soft Knee High Compression Socks

Are you a veteran looking to switch brands or a person new to compression therapy? We have only one recommendation for you – Juzo Soft Knee High compression socks! A long history of creating top-notch quality and highly reliable compression socks committed to sustainability and innovation. Moreover, we are not the only ones who think so. Even our customers adore Juzo compression socks. 

Reasons Why Juzo Pantyhose And Stockings Are A Favorite Style Icon Among The Customers:

In The Industry For More Than A Decade

The first compression stocking factory was set up in 1912 by Julius Zorn in Zeulenroda, East Germany. Juzo has been making compression products ever since. The family ensures that Juzo’s legacy stays on forever, and Juzo continues to be a leader in the industry. 

Compression Innovation 

Juzo is constantly innovating its products for men and women. Creativity is the key ingredient in the making of Juzo Pantyhose and stockings. From weaving the fabrics to knitting them, there’s been a major leap forward in technology and innovation. Juzo is the foremost compression product manufacturer to use computer technology in its production process. In 2004, the organization became the first to knit high content silver into medical graduated compression garments. 

Seasonal Colors Are Always Trending

Juzo compression stockings complement non-compression and regular fashion lines. In addition, Juzo’s seasonal colors collections reflect the fascinating upto-minute hues. Some of the colors include hot pink, ruby, agate, jade, pebble, supernatural, dark purple, and so on. Most styles and colors are available in all the above colors, including thigh-high stockings, knee-high socks, leggings, arm sleeves, gloves, and gauntlets. 

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Juzo Products Are Soft And Comfy 

Some compression stockings brands are itchy and difficult to wear. However, Juzo transitioned to latex-free materials with its special FiberSoft technology to improvise the feel of garments. It produces elastic fiber, which is a micro-spin with soft protective threads. A delicate barrier between the skin and the fiber protects the skin from irritation. This process makes the elastic glide more easily into your legs to make it easier for you to don the compression garments. 

A Wide Range Of Thoughtful Designs 

Juzo is a brand that offers classic compression product designs, including compression pantyhose, compression hosiery, knee sleeves, stockings, and more. In addition, the organization continues to experiment and add new products of innovation as per the customer’s desires. So whatever compression garment you’re searching for, Juzo has the right solution for everyone.

A Leader Of Sustainability 

Juzo provides therapeutically sustainable compression garments to the world. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the environment. In 2011, Juzo installed solar panels and wind turbines as a part of the green initiative. Such initiatives help in the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint and decrease air contamination. In addition, the organization made other improvements like installing motion-sensitive lights, instituting a recycling program, and cutting down energy usage. 


To briefly paraphrase, if you’re on an online store for a new compression stocking, pantyhose, or any compression garment, you can’t go wrong with Juzo. Our brand has a long list of various great products and has been a leader in the compression therapy industry for a decade now. So feel free to reach out to us or browse our collection. We are always happy to assist our customers and delight them with stylish yet functional compression garments. 

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