Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Sedona

Red Rock Country is one of the most scenic parts of the US. Light playing on colorful sandstone attracts thousands of visitors, and the sentiment of the Old West as visually shown in romanticized movies comes alive here. Small town Sedona lies in the heart of the Red Rock area, and it’s a perfect hub for exploring natural and historical attractions in the region on the north of Arizona.

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Best sunset viewpoints near Sedona

Sedona sunsets are stunning, and you can get Instagram and other social media-worthy pictures on several great locations. To watch impressive Cathedral Rock at sunset, go on a short and moderate Cathedral Rock trail. You will have to climb to around 600 feet, and the view of the natural sandstone butte is worth every step. 

Among the most popular trails is Airport Messa Road that goes around the Verde Valley. You will have panoramic viewpoints with colorful sandstone rock formations hovering over the desert landscape. You can see Bell Rock, Elephant Rock, and Cathedral Rock on this 3.5-mile trail.

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Canyons near Oak Creek village hides Bell Rock, an impressive sandstone formation rising above the land, and you can align in front of the rock to catch perfect sunset photos.

Sedona canyons

While the Grand Canyon gets the most attention in Arizona, Sedona’s surroundings have several incredible canyons. Antelope Canyon near Page is attracting the largest crowds and with good reason. Narrow passages carved from Navajo sandstone create unique shapes, and visuals are boosted with the sun’s rays. There are two separate formations in the Upper and Lower Antelope canyon. Visitors must hire a guide or go on a guided tour because the canyons can be dangerous in a sudden thunderstorm. Floodwaters can come exceptionally quickly, so monitoring weather forecasts and hiring a guide is a must.

Oak Creek Canyon is near Flagstaff and reminds visitors of the Grand Canyon. It’s Arizona’s second most visited place, and you can find Red Rock formations. There are also campgrounds, picnic places, and recreational spots around the area.

Canyon X is a more remote cousin of the Antelope canyon. This slot canyon is in Navajo reservations, and you can choose from long photography tours and shorter hiking tours. Other notable canyons include Walnut Canyon National Monument, Ramsey Canyon, and Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Peace place Sedona 

Sedona and the Red Rock Country have a spiritual vibe around them. For Native Americans, some of the natural wonders in the area are sacred. So you can definitely sense serenity and inspiration when visiting sandstone formations. 

In Sedona, you can find Peace Place Gifts. It is a gem and mineral stone store that promotes peace, health for all. So if you’re into spirituality, meditation, and healing with the bit of help of crystals, you can find it in the town. 

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Lakes near Sedona AZ 

Rock formation and soil in Northern Arizona hides a system of underground springs, creating numerous streams, and creeks throughout the landscape. Several lakes southwest of the Sedona region near Prescott, some 60 miles from the town. 

Watson Lake is on the way from Prescott to Sedona. Blue lake is surrounded by granite rock formations and offers numerous activities. Swimming is not allowed, but there are many hiking trails, and you can go fishing, have a picnic, or enjoy kayaking.

Goldwater Lake is another small lake near Prescot that offers kayaking, canoeing, boating, and fishing. In addition, there are recreational areas, and you can fish or walk through numerous trails.

Lynx Lake is located in Prescott National Forrest, and this artificial lake is a popular recreational area. Unfortunately, swimming is forbidden here also, but you can enjoy water sports in small boats or enjoy a picnic with a lake view and explore an extensive set of hiking trails.

Cities around Sedona Arizona

Sedona is in the heart of Red Rock Country, but there are some other towns in the area you can use as a starting point for Northern Arizona exploration. We already mentioned Prescott some sixty miles to the southwest. Flagstaff is a small town north of Sedona with numerous attractions. Two notable smaller settlements nearby are Oak Creek Village and Clarkdale.

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Bottom line

Sedona is a small but touristically famous town in Arizona with many natural attractions nearby. Most popular are Red Rock formations, especially spectacular at sunset. You can also explore canyons near Sedona or spend some time in the vibrant small Sedona community.


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