Best Money Making Apps

Working nowadays is often more flexible and varied than in the past, with many people having multiple online jobs or mixing and matching real-world main jobs with side gigs online. If you’re looking for making money with apps, here are five of the best to consider.

1. Upwork

One that many people have heard of is Upwork, an app that’s designed for freelancers to find work easily as either a main job or as a part-time activity to earn a little extra cash. There is a small service fee attached, and the ease with which clients can pick the lowest rates is a downside for those providing services, but there are lots of advantages too. Setting up for work is simple, and payment protection ensures work done delivers the cash, essential in the online world where (thankfully rare) unscrupulous people occasionally just take the result of work and refuse to pay up. There’s also a very wide range of freelance sectors covered, from writing to translations and coding.

Making Real Money with No Deposit Bonus Casino Apps

This may sound too good to be true, but believe it or not many online casinos offer no deposit promotions that gift newcomers a welcome bonus and the chance to win real money. This real money no deposit bonuses do come with wagering requirements (minimum total sum bet) but the ability to play for real cash and without having to deposit, and thus risk losing, a single penny means that this online casino promotion is not only a lot of fun, but it’s also the most prudent way to bet online on your mobile. While casino apps aren’t the recommended medium to make real money online, they can often be one of the most effective when there is zero risk.

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2. Rakuten

Another big name used by many people to make money online is Rakuten. This is not an occupational type of app that facilitates a remote job, instead, it enables consumers to make money by offering substantial slices of cashback from major retailers, in addition to food delivery firms and restaurants. Cashback can also come from gift cards, and all that has to be done for these substantial savings is to make transactions via Rakuten’s portal. Because so many firms (thousands) are already involved, you may not have to change your shopping habits at all and can earn a sizeable sum in cashback for very little time and effort. The only real downside is that payments are made quarterly (every three months) but otherwise it’s very much a case of something for nothing.

3. Survey Junkie

Information is big business (just ask Facebook) but one way the ordinary individual can make money from this rather than being milked for it is with Survey Junkie. Payments are made via PayPal or gift cards to individuals who fill out surveys (usually taking 15 minutes or less). Data is submitted on an anonymous basis to assist market research companies. Signing up is simple and taking any survey is up to you, none are mandatory.

4. OfferUp

There are plenty of online apps that facilitate selling your stuff and one of the best is OfferUp. All you have to do is create an account and post a photo of the item you’re looking to sell, with conversations possible with potential buyers. Purchases can be shipped out or handed over in person, as per the preference of the seller and buyer. If you’ve got limited space or are just looking to shift some unwanted possessions this is a great way of converting them into cash. Speaking of which, payments can be made to a bank account or debit card, or (a popular choice) in cash. Reviews and ratings help ensure the people you deal with are trustworthy. The drawback is a 12.9% fee for shipments (minimum of $1.99).

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5. Fiverr

Another option for freelancers is to use Fiverr, an online marketplace with hundreds of different categories so users can find what they’re looking for and freelancers with a variety of skills can find individual pieces of work. Clients/buyers select the gig they’re looking for (after the freelancer sets up the gig/work they’re offering), with seller levels based on reviews. Over time, extras can be added for a higher fee. And if you do a particularly good job clients may tip you. Drawbacks include potential withdrawal fees, and Fiverr taking 20% per gig.

And that ends our look at the top five money-making apps online, which includes a glance at no deposit casino bonuses, to suit a variety of different potential needs.

Originally posted 2022-01-12 02:23:12.