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Once you become an independent freight agent, you don’t just handle everything alone. Independence comes with a lot of freedom, of course. Still, you’ll want support. Independent freight agent programs provide that support. They help agents book loads, keep up with their clients, and provide critical services. You can choose from several programs. Some are better than others, so do your research upfront. Here are some of the best options.

Best Freight Agent Programs 

A lot of factors go into a good freight agent program. Once you become an independent freight agent, you’ll want a program that offers everything you need. Key factors include communication, support, and reliability. 

Best Overall: Tallgrass Freight Independent Freight Agent Program 

At the top of the list, there’s the Tallgrass Freight Independent Freight Agent Program. This program ranks at the top because it checks all the right boxes. 

For one thing, it offers options. Tallgrass has many shipping services, including expedited shipping and temperature-controlled shipping. This way, freight agents can offer services that go beyond the basics. As a full-service program, Tallgrass also helps its agents from start to finish. 

It also ranks high for providing balance. Tallgrass supports its freight agents. At the same time, freight agents can maintain their independence. They can enjoy the freedom that comes with the job, but they’ll always have someone ready to help if necessary. Tallgrass has safe, reliable customer service. Finally, Tallgrass made the top of this list thanks to its workplace culture. Freight agents report a great work-life balance.

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Honorable Mentions 

Other freight agent programs can help you get the job done. Each program has pros and cons, so do your research before you commit to a service. Still, the following freight agent programs can help you provide your clients with excellent service: 

  • Trinity Logistics 
  • Kopf Logistics Group 
  • Medallion Transport and Logistics 
  • D&L Transport 

Your freight agent program can become the backbone of your business. The right choice can make a world of difference in your career

Become an Independent Freight Agent 

If you have brokerage experience and want to gain some freedom on the job, you might become an independent freight agent. It’s a highly rewarding career, but it does come with challenges. That’s why choosing the right program matters. Hopefully, once you choose your program, you can stick with that program for years to come. 

How can you make that choice? When you find a program that looks promising, take a look around the website. Get a general feel for it. The website can give you a lot of clues about the platform. When a program’s website seems intuitive and easy to use, then its freight platform will probably be the same. Next, decide which factors matter the most to you as an independent freight agent. Do you put customer service at the top of the list? Does service variety matter more than other things? Make a mental note of your top priorities. Then, keep those priorities in mind as you look for options. 

Finally, consider your personal business style. How do you run your business, communicate with clients and dispatch services? As you look at different freight agent programs, which ones look like they align with your methods? The more a program aligns with your style, the smoother your day-to-day tasks will become. Instead of adapting your style to fit your program, you can choose a program that fits your needs from the beginning. This way, you won’t waste valuable time and energy. 

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Once you’ve found your best program, you can deliver excellence for your clients and enjoy the best of all worlds. 

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