Responsible Dog Owner

Millions of people across the entirety of the United States are self-described dog-fanatics. However, you often find these people are the ones who do not currently own a dog themselves. Essentially, this is because true dog-lovers fully understand and appreciate how much love, time, work, patience, and commitment these beautiful animals both need and deserve. 

There are, however, hundreds of thousands of dedicated and incredibly loving people who currently own a dog, and hopefully, you are one of them; either way, continue reading to learn how to become even better.  

Always Register With An Established Veterinary Practice

Not only should researching and subsequently registering with a prestigious and established vet, such as, be of utmost priority, it is also crucially important to familiarize yourself with the location and opening hours. Hopefully, any necessary emergency trips will be few and far between or, if you’re lucky, non-existent.

However, pet insurance from companies like Bivvy is an absolute must if your new puppy or aging pooch requires anything from medical treatment to routine care like trimming their nails. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to pay for an expensive operation, for example, but you are simply unable to raise funds, the impact that has on your dog simply does not bear thinking about. 

Always Carry Poop Bags

You simply cannot call yourself a dog owner, let alone a responsible one, if you haven’t constantly got a plethora of crumpled-up poop bags in the pockets of your jeans, coats, jackets, sweaters, bra… just everywhere. 

When left, dog poop can be extremely detrimental in the following ways:

  • Contributing to a less sanitary community
  • Damaging plants and grass due to the high levels of acidity
  • Polluting the soil and even water sources
  • Passing diseases on to other dogs
  • Inviting pests to the area and encouraging them to breed

Always Look After Your Dog’s Physical Health

You need to ensure that you keep a proverbial eye on your dog’s weight, especially during the winter months when they are probably not playing outdoors anywhere near enough for calories from treats to be burnt off. An excellent fundamental rule to follow is to only rarely give your dog ‘human food’ and instead stick to top-quality, nutritious, and dog-specific wet and dry food. 

Foods such as onions, macadamia nuts, chocolate (especially dark chocolate), lemons, milk, oranges, grapes, raisins, and even, bizarrely, mushrooms are all considered to be highly poisonous to dogs

Always Attach A Tag With Your Address Onto Your Dog’s Collar

It is perhaps one of the most debated topics amongst dog lovers; whether or not to keep your dog’s collar on when they are safely inside the home. 

As long as you always ensure the house and garden is 100% secure, it is usually perfectly acceptable to only make your dog wear their collar when you take them for a walk. Always have your address clearly displayed on your dog’s ID tag, as well as your updated cell phone number.