Advantages of a Box Spring Bed Choosing a Suitable Mattress

Is your platform bed not comfortable enough to provide a good sleep? Most of us never go ahead of traditional platform beds that are rigidly built. Have you heard about box spring beds or tried them in a hotel? Do you want to feel that same awesome experience at home? How about replacing your old platform bed with a comfortable boxer spring bed option? Before approaching a seller in the local market online, it is advisable to understand these beds in detail. Scroll down for more information. 

What is a spring bed box? 

Unlike rigid platform beds, these beds are made up of a wooden frame and spring coils combination. Manufacturers use a metal or wooden bed frame to place box springs for cushioning. The top layer of this bed is covered by a cloth. Springs are meant for providing support to the mattress and adjusting it at a comfortable height according to the user. It has several advantages over the traditional platform bed that we are going to mention below. 

Benefits of replacing your rigid platform bed with a flexible box spring bed

a). No matter which type of mattress you are using, springs equipped with the bird are capable of providing adequate comfort and support. Even if you are prescribed by a physician for using hard mattresses, spring beds help in reducing the discomfort. 

b). If you prefer a memory foam mattress for sleeping, this bed is the best option to consider. Springs maintain proper cushioning and memory foam provides the best sleeping posture for your body

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c). Along with flexibility, box spring beds are also known for great ventilation. Even it is a feasible option for the hottest regions. 

d). The latest models also come with electric control support. You can adjust the height and elevation of their surface according to the comfort level. 

e). Box spring beds are capable of absorbing your body weight better than platform beds. Evenly distribution of weight ensures a more comfortable sleep. 

Choosing a box spring bed 

1. Pay attention to the size of your bed and compare it with the existing mattress. It should not be hanging outside the edges. 

2. Make sure that the bed you are buying is coming with the option of height adjustment. Both manual and electrical height adjustment options are available in the market. 

3. The mattress of a spring box bed should be a little bit harder. Springs already provide an adequate cushion. If the mattress is thin or highly flexible, your sleep quality may get affected.

Some disadvantages of box spring beds

a). The lifespan of springs is less than platform beds. They gradually lose support over time. 

b). If you are looking for a bed with storage space, this is not a feasible option.

c). There can be a compatibility issue with your existing mattress. In that case, you also have to spend a substantial amount of money to buy a new mattress. 

d). Springs may produce noise over time which is uncomfortable. 

Always choose a top brand of box spring mattress in India if you are expecting comfort along with adequate body support.

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