A complete guide to traveling with Vape mods in flights

If you are thinking of traveling abroad after the ease of the pandemic restrictions, then you must keep certain things in mind. Irrespective of the goals, you must be aware of all the considerations regarding carrying the vape mods with you on the flight. 

Laws related to Vape in Canada:

The Californian law bans the sale of tobacco and vapor products to adults under 21 years old. In addition, using e-cigarettes is supposedly prohibited in workplaces and many public spaces, including restaurants and bars. So if you are traveling across or around the country, it’s important to keep the restrictions in mind. Also, make sure you know the regulations of the flight you’ve chosen to travel. 

What are some of the common laws related to taking E-cigarettes on the plane? 

Vape juices and E liquids: Small 10ml bottles of vape juices are allowed while traveling. Some airports do not allow nicotine-containing e-juices. Due to its effervescent nature, the quantity can easily diminish, so you might want to take enough liquid with you. 

Vape mod kits: Keep all the devices, the vape mod, and the battery with you in the cabin. The crew does not permit you to charge your device on the plane as well. So pretty much, you want it to be charged and disconnected from tanks.

Disposable e-cigarettes and Pod systems: Replace the complicated vape mod kits that require pliers, coil wire, and other parts and tools with disposable e-cigs or pod systems while traveling. Handling so many tools on the plane isn’t an offense but can surely raise a few eyebrows. 

Tanks and Clearomisers: you need to declare your tank along with other liquids to avoid any delays. Change in air pressure can cause leaks in the tanks, so will be persuaded to empty them before boarding.

In the airport, where are you supposed to Vape?

Do not assume; always ask. For example, these days, the vaping restrictions in the airport are tightening up, so it’s up to the airports whether you can vape there or not. 

In the airplane, where are you supposed to Vape?

You just can’t. Several airlines have issued specific instructions against vaping on their websites. Do not think of vaping in the loo. Even though it’s unlikely that you will alert the smoke detectors, vaping during the flights has led to passengers getting arrested and imprisoned. Wait till you land, and puff until you reach a safe spot. 

Which countries completely prohibit vaping?

Ban plus Jail time: India, Taiwan, Philippines, Taiwan

Total Ban: Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Mexico, Seychelles, Singapore, Turkey, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam

Only Nicotine Vape Ban: Norway, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia.

Let’s understand some specific Airline E-Cig Policies:

British Airways:

Permitted to-

  • Take electronic cigarettes in your carry-on luggage.
  • Seal e-liquids in a clear bag per 100ml per bottle.
  • Take only 15 batteries in hand or checked luggage.
  • Install the batteries within the devices.

Eastern Airways:

Permitted to-

  • Take electronic cigarettes in your carry-on luggage.

Not Permitted to-

  • Take e-liquids or refills with you at all.


Permitted to-

  • Take electronic cigarettes in your carry-on luggage.
  • Take only 20 spare batteries in carry-on luggage only.
  • Turn it off or protect it from activation.
  • Pack refills and liquids within your liquid allowance in a sealed, clear plastic bag.

Easy Jet:

Permitted to-

  • Take electronic cigarettes in your carry-on luggage.
  • Keep not more than 20 batteries in total.
  • Keep the battery sealed within the device.
  • Pack it in checked luggage but must be switched off.
  • Pack Refills and vape juices in a clear plastic bag.

Virgin Atlantic Airways:

Permitted to-

  • Pack in the batteries in the hand luggage. 
  • Bring Vape juices in your hand luggage that must not exceed 100ml per bottle.
  • Pack Refills and vape juices in a clear plastic bag.

Traveling in itself is complicated, and you don’t want to add in further complications. Remember to check in the latest updates related to vaping in the country you’re visiting and the website of the airways you’re traveling.