8 Best Things About ASIWO Underwater Scooter

If you’re looking for an underwater scooter to take your beach trips to the next level, the Manta sea scooter can be a great option to consider. 

Made by ASIWO – a sports equipment brand known for reliable and durable products – the Manta can be a great addition to any family trip. Here are the 8 best things about this underwater scooter.

It is compact, light, and portable for easy transport

The ASIWO Manta measures just 20.7×8.4×6.8” (52.7×21.3×17.3cm) and weighs just 7.7lbs (3.5kg). It’s so small and light that you can carry it in any handbag… on any trip that involves the sea. It’s lighter than even water and floats to the top when not in use.

It packs an efficient battery to ensure a long run time

Equipped with an ultra-efficient 126Wh (25.2V 5Ah) Lithium battery, the Manta water scooter can be continuously used for 35 minutes before requiring another recharge, which takes just 2-3 hours. If you want a longer run time, you can upgrade to the Pro version with a 252Wh battery.

It has multiple speed modes to suit every person

Not all swimmers are equally proficient – and ASIWO is perfectly aware of that. The Manta is a dual-motor scooter and comes with 3-speed gears to let users seamlessly switch between a max speed of 2ft/s, 3.3ft/s, and 5ft/s on slow, mid, and fast modes respectively.

It allows a one-hand operation to maximize the fun

Thanks to a unique and innovative mechanism, you can lift one of your hands off the scooter anytime you want. When you do so, the motor on your side will operate at a boosted rate so as to maintain your direction and balance. It means you can touch any fish you want!

It has plenty of safety features built into the design

The ASIWO Manta features fully encased propellers to prevent any contact or injury and comes with a safety lock to prevent any unauthorized use. It’s perfectly safe to be used with one hand and in case you mistakenly lose grip on it, the motor shuts down and it floats up to the surface.

It can be used to explore extreme depths underwater

You can confidently use the Manta water scooter to go deep inside the sea and experience it the way it deserves to be experienced. While ASIWO has tested it to be safe at 165ft (50m) of depth, they recommend using the Manta at a maximum depth of 100ft (30m) underwater.

It features a built-in camera mount to film undersea

The ASIWO Manta sea scooter comes with a GoPro mounting bracket built into the design so that you can record your underwater experience and share it with your loved ones anytime you want. It makes your dives all the more fun… and memorable!

It has an affordable tag with a good value for money

Last but not least, the ASIWO Manta features an affordable $459 tag and provides exceptional value for money. It has a reliable build, a capable powertrain, a safe design, a premium look… and is unarguably the best bang for the buck!

If you want to buy the Manta sea scooter or learn more about it, you can visit ASIWO’s official site.