7 Things to Consider When Traveling With Your Vape Device

Travelling takes people away from the comfort and familiarity of their homes. As a result, one needs optimum preparation when travelling. Preparation in terms of skillful packing can go a long way in helping you have a meaningful and comfortable trip.

A typical vaper, for instance, would love to take a puff occasionally. This means they need to have access to all essential vape devices. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Your vape device is different from a box of matches and cigarettes, so the rules are a bit complicated.

Besides, the presence of a battery makes things a little different. This explains why some airlines do not accept vape devices while some countries also do not authorize them. When travelling with a vape device, you will save yourself a lot of hassle when you know the essential tips on travelling with a vape device. 

Here are seven vital things to know when traveling with a vape device:

1. Keep Elevation Changes in Mind 

While flying, there will be elevation changes that will affect your tanks and pods. At high altitudes, air expands, which can affect your vape juice. The expansion can force the juice off a full tank, making it essential to travel with an empty tank. 

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For people travelling with pre-filled pods, emptying your pods before the trip will be impossible. Yet, at high altitudes, vape pods could leak. As a result, the good idea is to consider buying the pods at your destination, if available, rather than flying with them. 

2. Disconnect Your Batteries

All electronic vape comes with a safety lock which is absent in the mechanical mods. The safety lock helps prevent an accidental switching on of the device. If you have an automatic vape, make sure to remove the batteries before flying. 

Avoid packing your vape gear in your check-in luggage to prevent the risk of the device catching fire. A typical beco disposable vape will have a higher internal pressure as elevation increases. As a result, put your battery in a case inside the cabin bag.

3. Pack Smartly to prevent Leaks

A leaking e-juice will ruin your vaping experience, spoil your shirt or case and even negatively affect the device. Yet, it can be horrible to discover that you have a damaged device on getting to your destination. 

As a result, you need to be smart with packing to avoid such an issue. Here are precautions to avoid leaking vape juice:

  • Make sure your device does not roll around in your bag
  • Store your battery safety
  • Buy a quality carry case for your vape device

4. Take Note of Vaping Rule at the Airport

All airports have a place reserved for smoking that can accommodate vapers as well. This makes it essential to be familiar with such a designated area if you ever want to take a puff. All airports have secure areas where smoking is not allowed; the same rule also applies to vaping. 

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For people travelling via interconnecting flights, if you feel the urge to smoke at a stopover, make sure to get to the designated smoking lounge. 

5. Avoid Bringing Your Entire Vape Gear

Many people love vaping because of the variety it offers. The device is unlimited; there are series of vape juice with no restrictions. Travelling with all your vape gears is a bad idea, especially if you are flying. This applies majorly to people that use RTAs and RDAs. 

You will most likely have an unpleasant time with the security officer. Besides, the officer will probably assume the worst if he knows nothing about vaping, let alone RTAs and RDAs. It’s worse to l ramble some technical mumbo-jumbo about vaping when trying to explain. At worst, you will be tagged a terrorist transporting a bomb-making device. 

The stress is not worth it, so keep sophisticated materials at home and travel with something simple, like a vape pen. 

6. Seal and Secure Your E-juice

For people that prefer to travel with their vape juice, you need to pack it carefully. This involves sealing and careful packaging to avoid breakage or spillage. Don’t use e-liquids that come in glass bottles to prevent breakage. 

You should use a clear bottle inside your carry-on bag. Besides, don’t forget the TSA standard regarding liquids allowed on a flight – 100 ml of liquid. However, a good idea is to empty your vape tank to prevent damage or leakage of the juice. 

7. Keep the Laws of Your Destination in Mind

Many people have accepted vaping as a better alternative to smoking. It is more socially acceptable and less invasive on the body. Sadly, the rules that bind smoking still apply to vaping. Various countries have their regulations on vaping. Besides, since the WHO advised that indoor vaping should be banned, many countries have complied. 

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As a result, ensure you do not vape indoors, in vehicles, restaurants, cinemas and other public places. Countries like India, Brazil and Thailand have no issue with smoking but do not allow vaping. There is also a risk of a heavy fine if caught with vaping gears. Some countries also frown on e-liquids that have nicotine; take note. 


While you can travel with your vape accessories, it is essential to be smart and keep many essential things in mind. It will help avoid unnecessary hassle with the law and help you have a smooth journey.