Vegan Products

Veganism is a new trend that took the whole world by a wave, for all the good reasons, of course. Around 79 million people from all around the world support veganism. So many groups globally are protesting against animal husbandry and raising their voices to incorporate more vegan products – be it in food or in commercial items.

Famous brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Maybelline, and many others have brought in the use of vegan meat (from plants) and vegan-derived chemicals in their products.

If you too, like many other people, support the hugely popular vegan trend, then here are a few must-have vegan products you must incorporate into your daily life.

  1. Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Men’s Hemp & Bergamot Luxury Grooming Tin Gift Set

The Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Men’s Hemp & Bergamot Luxury Grooming Tin Gift Set is the perfect product to kickstart your vegan journey. It is excellent for men willing to keep mustaches and is also an exemplary skincare product.

This is an out-and-out vegan, totally natural skincare package that includes a Beard shampoo Bottle (100 ml), a jar of Beard Wax (50 g), a tube of Beard Balm (30 ml), an exfoliating soap (25 g). Hemp, bergamot, ginger, grapefruit and other smoky woods form the main components of the product.

  1. Jack Black

Jack Black is an award-winning vegan product for men which incorporates protein-rich serum that boosts skin exfoliation and is an excellent everyday cleanser. The product is rich with peptides, the building blocks of proteins and they improve cell response in skincare and growth.

It is primarily a cleanser plus a toner and is capable of deep cleaning your skin. It gives the skin a moisturized appeal and makes the skin plump and healthy.

  1. The Gruff Spray-On Moisturizer

The Gruff Spray on Moisturizer is a calming and anti-inflammatory vegan moisturizer derived from botanicals of exotic Australian cherries and polysaccharides that attempts to minimize irritation and inflammation.

It has been clinically proven and is suited for hypersensitive skin. It is very easy to apply and also keeps your skin fresh for longer hours.

  1. Health Hand Salve

Health Hand Salve is a non-greasy, quick-absorbing hand balm with a 100 percent organic recipe that is suited for overworked hands.

This salve nourishes and moisturizes hands swiftly and efficiently while also providing anti-pollution properties. It has a smooth texture and is a very economical product, with numerous skin benefits.

  1. Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30

Due to the scorching heat and rising temperatures outside it is essential for every individual to include a good and protective sunscreen in their everyday skincare routine.

With so many options in the market, it is difficult to identify an effective sunscreen, especially for the ones who believe in veganism. But the Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 is kind of a boon to those vegans.

It is a totally plant-based product that gives protection from extreme heat and also moisturizes your skin. The sunblock, which is made up of chitosan capsules, provides a transparent Ultraviolet barrier coating on the skin to minimize wrinkling and sun damage while also including chemicals like vitamin C to lighten the complexion. 

  1. Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream

Biossance is a company that has continually prioritized building useful products in the cosmetics and beauty industries. This item is not only vegan, but it also contains squalane from a renewable resource.

The lotion contains fats and glycolipids, as well as squalane to rebuild your natural skin hydration shield and hyaluronic acid and cocoa butter for hydration and fluffiness.

It will not only keep your skin smooth and moisturized, but it will also help heal it and decrease the fine lines and creases.

Over to you…

So, these were the few products of complete vegan origin that are both highly effective and healthy for men. According to me, choosing vegan products not only saves the animal world but is also a more ecological option. But these were mostly for the skin.

So, if you’re looking for supplements to keep your body healthy, you can always explore companies that offer vegan vitamins supplements and leverage their benefits. However, while making the final decision, make sure to research the company thoroughly.