Cryptos for Beginners

Cryptocurrency remains mainstream around the world and you will find thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market and they are doing their business in billions of dollars every day. More and more people are joining it every day. If you are new to it, you might find the cryptocurrency market a bit confusing at first, but it will be a very easy process once you understand all the basics. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit

In this blog, we are going to tell you about ten such crypto words that you should understand as a cryptocurrency specialist.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchains are available in the form that is a digital ledger of each transaction that is between computer network nodes. Whenever cryptocurrency is received or sent by an individual, every transaction is automatically recorded on a blockchain.  If we talk about Blockchain technology then it can make it easy for people and businesses to transfer prices digitally without any middlemen like credit card companies, guarantors or bank

  1. Coin

At first, coin and token may seem similar to you, but there is an important difference between the two. If we talk about coins, they do not depend on any kind of underlying infrastructure to complete their work and also coins are crypto projects with their ecosystem and blockchain. Instead, they can act as building blocks for other crypto tokens. Since coins have their blockchain, they are also self-sustaining. It turns out to be a good investment as many people always opt for bigger projects and regular innovations from the team give you an exponential return.

  1. Token

On the other hand, if we look at tokens, they are a type of crypto that works as para-chains of other blockchains or blockchain projects. Speaking of token projects, it is meant as a tradable asset capable of enhancing the functionality of an underlying blockchain. Tokens do not have their blockchain, the only reason being that they reside on the blockchain such as Binance Smart Chain, ERC20, and Several more.

  1. Mining

As you may have come to know that cryptos are stored on blocks, and obtaining them requires a heavy process called encryption-decryption all these processes are collectively known as mining. 

Powerful computers such as CPU and GPU are utilised to perform mining, and once a block is solved by the computer, they are then rewarded with some native coins via the blockchain. So whenever you mined BTC, keep in mind that you can get BTC only after the block is resolved.

  1. Wallet

If we talk about wallets and digital wallets, then you all know that this is not an extraordinary thing. These are in the form of a kind of hardware or software wallet where crypto can be easily stored securely. Many people want to keep their crypto for a very long time, so an offline hardware wallet is used to store them.

Just as a wallet is utilised  to keep fiat cash safely, a digital wallet is utilised to keep crypto safely in your custody and move it to a protected place

  1. Altcoin

If we look at the crypto market, there are two different groups one is large-cap coins and the other is altcoins. If we talk about large-cap coins, it includes coins like BTC and ETH, and on the other hand, altcoins have all other coins but they are not as big coins like BTC and ETH. BTC and ETH are the blue-chip stocks of the crypto world, and if seen as an investment, they are the best option for those who are new and long term in it. Talking about the price of altcoin, its price is very low and if you invest in it safely and thoughtfully, it can provide you with a good return. Whereas altcoins are also known as weak stocks to invest in with the good potential of a high return.