Bedding combos

Have your parents or loved ones give this advice to you; to wake up full of energy and have a productive day, one needs to get proper sleep. 

Well, what they say is true. Finding the right bedding can be the most critical step to obtaining the best sleep possible. 

That 8 hours of peaceful sleep in your bed, with no interruptions whatsoever, sounds like a dream, right? What if we say that this euphoric feeling can be increased with a simple change in your bedroom? 

Well, believe it or not, the answer to the question is right here in today’s article.

White linen duvet cover and shams Bedding combos

Shams and linen coverlets can be an amazing bedding combination for your love of neutral shades.

Neutral color schemes being one of the latest trends in the comfort world, having white linen covers and adding just a hint of color in the form of shams for your pillow is the perfect bit of dimension for your all-white cloud. 

If you want some more color in this combination, pop a graphic checker print throw at the foot of your bed, and you are golden!

Breathable all-white linens

While shopping for your bedding, finding the perfect material is the most important aspect of the entire shopping trip. 

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If you don’t have any choice of fabric you want, it is safe to go with linens. They are just the best and the most convenient to have as your bedding.

So if you’re ever confused about what type of material you should use or what material to use with what part of the bedding, the safest bet would be to use all-linen bedding. This is because linen is a breathable and soft material that can never disappoint you.

Whites and Gold

White and golden is a combination that can never go wrong. An all-white seems heavenly, and add just that hint of gold in it, and you are living your dream of sleeping in heaven. 

Place a splash of gold on your pillows, keep the bedspread white and add the gold streaks in the form of a duvet cover.

There are hundreds of ways one can style white and gold in their bedding combination! You can buy bed sheet online to get a wide range of design patterns with white and gold. 

Go for the classics, aka blue and white.

Confused about which color scheme you should choose? Go with the classics in the color scheme; blue and white. 

Blue and white is a combination that always reminds one of the clear sky or the clear water in rivers. It is always associated with serenity and peace, and these are the two things we require at the top when we sleep. So if ever in doubt, going for the classic can – and will – never disappoint.

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Neutrals but make it grey and white.

When it comes to neutrals, most people think of white and beige combinations, but having a combination of greys and whites is a combination that is quite underrated. 

It is understandable because greys often make things look dull. But with the slight dullness from the greys and the pop of white, the color scheme becomes quite balanced. And if you still have some apprehension, why not add some texture to it?

With textures, you can make any color scheme pop. To complete the calm greys and bright whites, maybe the texture is the one thing that was missing to make the entire set whole. 

Love Contrasts

Incorporating them into your bedding combination is the best way to go if you love contrasting schemes. 

Add all the colors you like, be it yellow or green, or blue, and add that hint of texture to bring it all together. 

The best way to have contrasting bedding combinations is to have a plain white bedspread as a base for your bedding and build up the combination with pops of colors and textures like green hues for a coverlet or deep blue color for a comforter.

Parting Thoughts

So now that you have a glimpse of different combinations you can use for your bedding, it is time to find that one combination that speaks to you. Choose the best materials suited to your needs, and choose the best color scheme that pleases you and your bedroom’s interior. You can check Better Nights for getting better information. So now the only question remaining is, what are you waiting for?

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