5 Ways Web-to-print software helpful for distributed marketing

Over the last few years, the world has seen many major digital technology reforms. Digitalization has played a crucial role in doing so. And among the sales department, digital marketing has accelerated. 

The renowned one has distributed marketing. However, there have been many other types of marketing activities. The main challenge that every marketing department have is getting their marketing materials on time. Hence, distributed marketing has been gaining more importance as it has a collaborative procedure.

And the relationship between web to print software and distributed marketing is majorly on delivering your brand campaign seamlessly. The main tasks of the team are to head multiple campaigns for your brand. Moreover, w2p simply does this for you. 

Being a remote publishing service permits you to make brand-compliant materials for your marketing programs. However, let me first explain to you about distributed marketing. 

What Is Distributed Marketing?

The model of distributed marketing is adopted by organizations that have centralized marketing functions and local (distributed) marketing activities. It allows organizations to deliver consistent brand assistance across corporate networks. Usually, it can be distributed functions performed on separate departments, business units, and individuals. 

The distributed marketing platform makes you evolve by effortlessly managing your marketing workflow instead of disrupting it. You can make your marketing cycle go further with higher efficiency. The team targets to ensure brand consistency. Furthermore, its work and requirement are also widely scoped.

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How does distributed marketing work?

Distributed marketing is a long-form procedure that requires proper prior planning at every stage. It works to build a network in the local market and distribute the marketing collaterals. The significant role that all distributed marketing team plays are;

  • Engage in building brand content and making strategies.
  • Make collaboration emails and proposal SMS to increase sales.
  • Adhere to the legal rules while delivering the manual or automated brand-building process.
  • Make changes as per the local market trends.
  • Know customer behavior and make dynamic relationship management tactics, etc.

Thus, the team has to undertake numerous tasks for making your brand unique and build consistency in your business. You can make your company accomplish this with successful marketing.  

5 ways w2p services are essential for distributed marketing

The web-to-print has been proven a blessing for many businesses. And for 2023 you can make the best out of it by implementing your marketing system. Although the marketers already getting the advantages of it yet we are going to discuss its necessity for distributed marketing teams.

  • Digital Asset management

Digital asset management (DAM) enables electronic assets like marketing layouts, emails, flyers, etc. to be digital files that can be accessed by authorized users only. In simple words, it’s like uploading files to a cloud server for the team. 

Web-to-print offers a DAM tool to store, send and manage digital assets in one place. You can easily expand your assets and reap the benefits of virtual file transfers of artwork. 

Additionally, web to print software oversees sees the implementing of new functionality. You can add or enhance the value of your deliveries. Therefore, having DAM integrated w2p solution makes your brand reach and gain global acknowledgment. 

  • Customizable marketing templates
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Web-to-print is most widely known for its design and customizing options. It allows local marketers to build their marketing materials with easy-to-use customizing templates. It not just offers distributed marketers the privilege to design their own but also maintains the quality required to showcase the brand. Besides branding purposes, you can get the edge of web to print eCommerce solutions for your online business. 


Whether you have to build brochures or flyers, the software has many dimensions and sizes for all marketing materials. However, you can also improve it by integrating third-party customization. It makes uniformity and uniqueness simultaneously among your marketing campaigns. 

  • Centralized system

Another better service that the w2p solution offer is a centralized platform that manages each task efficiently. It is prevalently known as software that streamlines your workflow. You can get your tasks done proficiently with automated processes.

Moreover, having a centralized platform also helps in making a single system that can handle transactions globally. You can access it from anywhere with the proper permissions. Hence, it builds a better layer of security for your data. 

  • Advantages of digital printing

The printing materials for making your marketing activity successful has not limited to getting hard copies. The online mode of marketing has boosted the business with 3x revenue. 

Nowadays, the demand for social media marketing has increased and so does the need to make unique emails, flyers, and social posts. You can get the prints of those online files whenever you want. 

However, it mainly refers to the type of printing from a digital-based image directly to a multitude of media files. For example, you just make the pdf file and send it straight to the digital printer. It has eradicated the demand for conventional methods. Furthermore, you can save time and effort to get the plates and set up them.  

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  • Cloud-based technology

The w2p software is entirely cloud-based technology that offers data encryption and secures your data on a real-time basis. You can track and access the data from any location and on any device. It makes your market data protected from any malpractices. 

Cloud technology assists marketers to make teams to increase customer interaction and increases sales. The technology automates the operations, the cost is decreased and the productivity has enhanced. Additionally, it strengthens your online presence by having a good website or portal. 

The Bottom-line

So, with that, you get to know all the best ways that make your distributed marketing successful with w2p. You can make the best-in-class campaigns with this printer’s service. It helps your marketing run smoothly and deliver a customer-centric approach. 

Distribution marketing needs to be performed by making your requirements clear about the outcome. The team has to make a plan and properly strategically execute the procedure. manner. Partnering with experienced printer providers and marketers’ teams can build an effective brand. 

For making your unique brand and marketing your business, you should definitely integrate a w2p solution!