Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts are always in season. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the evening after a long surf session, there’s nothing quite like throwing on a comfy sweatshirt when you most need it. Hoodies have been elevated through design and patterns. Men’s graphic hoodies are becoming more personalized and stylish. With eye-catching prints and vibrant colors, you can really stand out from the crowd. 

To make them last, you need to take proper care in washing and storing your hoodies and sweatshirts, particularly with men’s graphic hoodies. You want to keep the print as clear as possible. Here is a list of washing and care tips to help you keep your clothing looking as good as new. 

1. Turn Inside Out When Washing

Make sure you turn your hoodie inside out when washing it. That helps the print on a men’s graphic hoodie stay as fresh-looking as possible without cracking or flaking. You’re not trying to go for the vintage look, so flip the material and throw it in the washing machine. This also helps keep colors at their brightest. 

Flipping your hoodie inside out also means that it won’t collect any particles or lint from other clothing. This helps avoid debris or build-up from showing up on the outside of your hoodie which can sometimes occur with dark materials. How and what you use to wash your clothing will make a big difference. 

2. Use Color Save Detergent

Opt for a detergent that has color save capabilities. When washing black or dark fabrics, using this kind of detergent can help keep the color as dark or vibrant as the day you bought it. Men’s graphic hoodies are often printed on black material and this will require special washing care. Some detergents are more likely to strip clothing of color and can cause fading or damage. This will often look like stripes across the fabric. By choosing a color save detergent, you can make your hoodies and sweatshirts last longer. 

3. Hang to Dry

Avoid putting your hoodie or sweatshirt into a dryer. Men’s graphic hoodies can often warp or lose shape in the printed area if put into a hot dryer. The heat damages the graphic screening. After a washing cycle, hang your hoodie (still inside out) on a line or clothing rack. Allow it to get sufficient air circulation to properly dry. This will also help keep its shape. Hanging up your hoodie to dry also keeps it smelling fresh and clean. By avoiding the harsh heat of the dryer your clothing will last much longer. 

4. Wash With Like Colors

Wash your hoodies and sweatshirts in similar colors. Don’t put light and dark clothes together in the same washing cycle. If it is a brand new men’s graphic hoodie, wash it separately in case the color bleeds. This will stop you from ruining other pieces of clothing. Washing with like colors means that light pieces won’t be changed and dark pieces won’t fade. If you have a black hoodie, you should just wash other black clothing to make sure they all stay as crisp as possible. 

5. Wash in Cold Water

By washing in cold water you avoid shrinking your hoodie. If you have the perfect fit, you don’t want to accidentally shrink your piece of clothing- washing in cold water helps stop this. Again, wash it inside out and use detergent suitable for cold water. You will be thankful you did when your hoodie or sweatshirt looks the same for years to come. Another benefit of cold water is the money you will save. Using hot water to do laundry costs more money and energy. Switching to cold water helps you save and is a better option for the environment. Win-win situation. 

You pick pieces of clothing that speak to you. By taking care of your hoodies and sweatshirts, you will have items that remain in top shape for a long time. From the mountains to the city, you will be able to wear your hoodie without worrying about it fading, shrinking or changing shape if you prioritize how you take care of it. It’s simple- turn your pieces inside out, hang to dry, use appropriate detergent, wash in cold water and with like colors. It might be a good idea to tie your hoodie strings together before washing so they don’t come out during the cycle. Nothing is more time-consuming than trying to restring a hoodie. If you follow these steps you should have a men’s graphic hoodie that stays as fresh and vibrant looking like the day you purchased it.