5 Benefits Of Drinking Japanese Matcha Tea Regularly

Japanese matcha green tea has achieved skyrocketing popularity with time. With its infinite benefits, people are inclined towards drinking this tea regularly. Here are a few of those benefits.

Helps You Lose Weight

Japanese matcha tea is not like your regular green tea. It not just makes false promises about making you lose calories but actually does it. You might have seen most of the weight loss supplements having matcha tea extracts present in the list of ingredients. This is because the match tea has the ability to enhance weight loss in individuals.

The fact that matcha tea helps you lose weight at a faster rate is why the tea is so popular. Matcha tea speeds up the body’s metabolism which leads to an increase in energy consumption. When the body utilises more energy, fat burning is boosted.

Promotes Heart Health

With the evolving food industry, heart diseases have become quite popular. To everyone’s surprise, heart diseases lead to unexpected deaths. The studies have also shown that one third of all deaths that are caused due to heart disease were of the people aged around 35 years.

Well this is where Japanese matcha tea comes out as a saviour. Drinking matcha tea regularly helps in protection against heart diseases. Also because the ingredients of matcha tea reduce the bad LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides in the body, the risk of heart diseases gets diminished.

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Boosts Brain Functioning

High quality matcha tea has several components in it that help in enhancing brain function. There was a study conducted that showed how drinking matcha tea regularly improved brain performance. The participants consumed matcha bars that had 4gms of matcha in them or consumed tea with a similar amount of matcha. It was also found that there was a visible improvement in the attention, concentration, reaction time and memory of the participants. Also, if the amount of matcha green tea powder is consumed in less amounts, that is 2gms, still the effects are the same. Old age people who drank matcha tea for almost two months experienced improved brain functioning, increased attention and enhanced memory.

Helps and Protects The Liver

Liver is one such part of the body that flushes out the toxins and helps in processing nutrients. It is also responsible for metabolising the drugs inside the body. As per the studies, Japanese matcha tea helps in protecting the health of your liver like no other. Therefore if you are facing any sort of liver issues, consider drinking matcha tea regularly.

High in Antioxidants

Matcha has a natural antioxidant in it, called catechins. This particular antioxidant present in matcha stabilizes harmful free radicals that might further lead to chronic diseases. When you add hot water to the Japanese matcha tea, the nutrients of the entire leaf, catechins and antioxidants, are mixed together. Therefore this gives rise to preventing cell damage and lowering the risk of several other chronic diseases.