3 Beautiful Ideas For Small Spaces

Using Everything Available

One of the biggest real problems developed places in the world have is the failure to maximize available resources. People will buy a new car then sell it at 100,000 miles when it just needs new tires or a new water pump. The hassle is too much for them. Suddenly another individual comes along and gets a vehicle at a bottom-dollar price that’s a steal.

Meanwhile, if that car had only been properly maintained by the original owner, it could have lasted longer than 1,000,000 miles. People tend to waste their resources. Seldom is this more visible than when a tiny room is neglected. It can become just a repository for junk, a sort of main-level attic, a pantry, or a closet.

Or, it could become an office. It might be made into a garden. It could be a guest room for the children; especially if you’ve got bunk beds and are handy with a screwdriver. A tiny space could be a prayer closet, it could be an observatory if there’s an outside window, it might even just be a peaceful sitting room; an oasis to escape and “unplug” from the world.

Many things can be done with a small space. Following we’ll explore three ideas to help you get the most from even the tiniest spaces. The tiny home movement is still going strong, and design ideas like these have a lot of applicability in terms of modern property management. At a minimum, use these ideas to help inspire you.

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1. Mirrors, Windows, Decor, Paintings – Visual Stimuli

Installing a window can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, and might be the perfect thing to make a tiny room feel huge. If this is impossible, think about floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Have you ever been to a tiny bar that feels big because endless mirrors are behind the liquor bottles? Mirrors reflect light. Such reflection makes small spaces feel larger.

Beyond reflection, giving the eye visual stimuli imparts a feeling of largeness to an area. If you’re in an empty department store like a Walmart or a Target, it’s astonishing how small it feels. But when endless shelves divvy up space, it feels massive and labyrinthine. Visual stimuli trick the eye into telling the brain there’s more to explore.

So, if you don’t install a window or mirrors, put paintings, posters, and another décor all around the little space. This will give it a big feel psychologically by providing the eye with more to explore.

2. Tiny Cabinets Sized For Precise Spaces

Something else you can do is declutter tiny spaces. Vertical storage is a great idea, and you don’t have to buy cabinets at a department store, then try to maneuver them into a position where they cohesively fit in a small space. You could order RTA kitchen cabinets online. RTA stands for Ready To Assemble and means you can commission specific cabinet sizes.

Essentially, if you want to miniaturize a cabinetry motif from your kitchen, that is possible. Tiny little cabinets matching a tiny little space represent a “match”. Everything goes together, and that makes it more pleasing on an almost subconscious level.

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So getting new storage solutions for a little area could make it feel bigger by freeing up space. Doing so aesthetically makes a lot of sense.

3. Vertical Gardening

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it’s useless—have you thought of putting together a “vertical garden” along the back wall? Granted, such vertical design is usually reserved for exterior gardening, but there are interior options that work just fine as well; they just take a little work.

Imagine opening a closet to reveal healthy fresh vegetables growing right up the wall. Or, if that’s a bit too much, why not have a few vines secured to the corners of the room, and a hanging plant or two? Outdoor plants make inside spaces feel huge.

Giving Little Spaces A Large Spirit
Some of these suggestions are more involved than others, but again, at minimum, they could serve to inspire you. It’s your house, why not have fun with it?

You could outfit the walls of a small room with mirrors, windows, posters, or another décor that catches the eye. You might install new cabinets that are designed specifically for the tiny space. You might even look into vertical gardening if you’re ambitious enough. Whatever you do, try not to waste the space; there’s often more potential than you realize.