10 Ways to Get Your Products Ranked Higher on Amazon

Your sales ranking on Amazon describes how well a product sells compared to other products in the same category. It’s one of many statistics to which marketers pay close attention and a number that can indicate success or failure.

However, it’s always possible to change and improve these statistics. This article looks at ten ways to rank your products higher on Amazon. 

10 Ways to Get Your Products Ranked Higher on Amazon

 1. Learn Amazon SEO to Set Yourself Apart 

Learning Amazon SEO is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. With this in mind, you can learn how to rank higher on Amazon by having a good understanding of the algorithm that drives traffic to your products. 

The Amazon algorithm emphasizes the conversion rate, so products with a high number of sales will rank higher. However, customer feedback is equally important, and the product listing must appear relevant to any targeted search queries.

2. Choose a Variety of Relevant Keywords

Keywords are everything when it comes to Amazon SEO and the ranking of your product listing. Traffic and the conversion rate also rely on the relevancy of these search terms, and research is necessary to identify the best or most appropriate options.

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It would be best if you used SEO tools to research and identify the keywords and pay close attention to whatever terms are being targeted by the competition. It’s also good to mix things up and choose various high and low-volume keywords. Additionally, test some long-tail keywords that will likely have far less competition.

By the way, here’s a short piece on how to avoid SEO mistakes.

3. Use High-Quality Images (Lots of Them)

Amazon has a list of guidelines to which images need to adhere, which ensures not to suppress the listings. High-quality photos allow users to zoom, which customers frequently require to view product details. These images can often attract attention that might otherwise go to a competitor. Additionally, have as many images as possible on the product page and perhaps infographics with features of the product.

4. Write a Title that Demands Attention for Product Listings

The title is one of the most important aspects of any product listing. Every title should contain keywords and less than 22 characters. It’s imperative this title is easy to understand, and you might consider employing a professional copywriter to get it right.

As a rule, this title should grab the users’ attention, describe the product, and be relevant to their searched solution. For inspiration, it’s often a good idea to check out the best-selling products of the competition and take note of how they combine the three aspects mentioned above.

5. Writing Enticing Product Descriptions that Sell

The product description is a way to expand on critical features, but this is also an opportunity to add more relevant keywords to the listing. Amazon also appreciates when providing all relevant information and completing the specification section.

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Now, that’s not to say you should cram the listing full of keywords, but instead that you should always make sure to optimize your content. Additionally, an enticing description will nurture more conversions and sales.

In contrast, a sub-standard copy is likely to result in the opposite. For example, many sellers use bullet points in product descriptions as most users like to scan instead of reading lots of text.

6. Get the Pricing Right

Pricing is another crucial factor that Amazon takes into account with product listings. If this price is not competitive, you will miss out on sales, damaging the product rankings. 

According to Digital Authority Partners, it’s a good idea to monitor the price of other brands/products and adjust the price to ensure you keep in line with the competition. This continuous adjustment will also give your products a chance of winning the coveted “Amazon Buy Box” and a much higher level of traffic to the listing.

7. Master the Order Process and Keep Up to Speed

Order processing is necessary for product listings. Amazon pays close attention to how quickly and accurately you can ship these products. For example, poor inventory might result in not having the right items in stock, and cancellations before fulfillment will only hurt your product rankings on Amazon.

Perfect Order Percentage (POP) is something you should strive to achieve which means you need to avoid defects, shipment problems, etc. Either way, your products can move up the rankings on Amazon by mastering the order process and keeping everything up to speed.

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8. Promote Product Listings Regularly

Promoting a product listing is a great way to drive more traffic and sales. Most brands promote listings as part of their overall marketing strategy. Still, it’s also a way to highlight discounts and special offers. 

However, regular promotion is needed to positively impact Amazon rankings, which is possible through pay-per-click ads both on and off the platform. You might also end up giving away some free products during this time. Still, the exposure and potential return should outweigh the investment.

9. Get the Prime Badge ASAP

Amazon Prime has exploded in recent years, and online users can see right away whether your products are Prime-eligible or not. As a result, Prime is one of the first things that many shoppers use to filter products on Amazon. Unfortunately, without being aligned with Prime, you inevitably risk losing out on legions of potential customers. 

When you lose out on this traffic and these potential sales, the ranking of your products is also sure to decline. Either way, Prime is powerful and worth the pursuit.

10. Build a Portfolio of 5-Star Reviews

Reviews often have the last word and provide decisions for customers. Studies show that 80-90% of online shoppers check reviews before making a purchase. Bad reviews are incredibly detrimental to Amazon rankings.

You can address this issue by providing the highest level of customer service and requesting feedback after positive experiences. It’s also possible to launch new products on the “Early Reviewer Program,” which offers shoppers credits in return for reviewing your products. In short, a portfolio of five-star reviews is what you want!





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